What is sf4answers?

sf4answers is dedicated to providing targeted information about Super Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 4.

What we mean by targeted is that when you come to look for a specific piece of information related to the game, you won't have to waste your time looking through pages and pages of unrelated content.

How does sf4answers work?

sf4answers functions around a community-driven approach. Our members provide content related to Super Street Fighter 4 in many different forms (e.g. questions & answers, notes, events, etc.). The content and responses to the content are then voted up or down depending on how relevant it is to the subject and to the item. Replies with a higher vote count will have priority over ones with a lower vote count. This way, when you search, the most relevant content around that search can be returned to you.

Why can't I just use the search function at other sites?

While we are aware of the multitude of resources available that might have the information you're looking for, it's been our experience that it takes a painful amount of time and effort to sift through the massive amount of information (and more often than not, lack of information) that revolves around the simplest of topics. sf4answers aims to simplify that process and let you get the information you need immediately.

What if I want to know more?