XGC SF IV Competition Round 5

When: 8/22/2009 2:00:00 PM Add to calendar

Ends: 8/22/2009 6:00:00 PM

Where: 30 Lower Liffey St, Dublin Dublin 1, Ireland

Category: tournaments


Entry fee is set at the same price as last time €15.00.

Thats split as a €10.00 entry fee for the competition and that makes up the prize pot while the remaining €5.00 covers casual play and console rental)

Prize pot will be split 60/30/10 among the top 3 finishers.

Seeding will be done based on the results of the last tournament at the XGC. (there might be one or two games required between players who finished in a joint position at the last tournament to clarify rankings)

Format would be similar to the last event, a single group stage followed by a double elimination stage.

The major difference is that each match in the double elimination stage will be best of 3 sets and that each set would be best of 3 rounds. This format seems the preference among the players here.

To allow for the extra time these longer matches will need, we will need to start at 2:00pm on the dot and won't wait for late entrants. If its possible to fit a late entrant in after this time the admins will attempt to arrange it but anyone arriving after this time will not be guaranteed a place in the tournament.

Other rules will be as follows, not that I expect some of them to be needed, but just to have the rules laid out just in case.

1. All characters are selectable, even the ones with a stupidly fast roundhouse kick.

2. Custom controllers and button configuration is of course permitted.

3. In the double elimination phase players may only change characters in a match after loosing a set. The winner of the first set must stick to his character he started the set with and may only change if he looses the second set, in which case the winner of the second set must then stick to the character he used in the second set.

4. Double Blind select available in the event of people being concerned about counter picking. An admin will assist with this.

5. Rock, paper, scissors is used in the event of people being unable to agree on which side the want to sit on.

6. In the event of a player pausing a game during a round, he forfeits the round unless both players agree to carry on. If there is a dispute an admin will resolve the dispute.

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