A Comprehensive Adon Notebook

This notebook is in development on Super Street Fighter 4's Adon. This notebook is set to be edited continuously as new information is discovered. The information provided is mostly geared toward mid to high level play. Information you may need to reference include the following:

- Frame Data

- Hit Box Data


  • Preliminary Notes
  • Matchup Details
  • Practical / Punish Combos / Block Strings / Frame Traps
  • Counterhit Combos
  • Unique Moveset Attributes
  • Wakeup ("Okizeme") Game Strategies
  • Footsies, Mindgames, Strategies
  • High Level Play Videos

  •  Preliminary Notes 


              The first important thing to know is the current Frame Data for Adon. While looking at the Frame Data, you may also want to know his hit boxes, so you can check out the Hit Box Data to determine how to apply moves. There are a few things as an Adon player you need to try to master.

    - Instant Air Jaguar Kick:

              The Instant Air Jaguar Kick is executed by pressing UP or UP FORWARD, then immediately rolling the stick (or d-pad) from down to down-back, and pressing Kick. It is important to practice this motion to get the Air Jaguar Kick to come out at the closest possible point near the ground. This is important so that it may be used as a comboable counter to punish certain opponents and create an Untechable Knockdown (EX) or a combo opportunity for big damage.

                                                                  [Video of examples will go here]

              All version do only 80 damage (aside from EX which does 110*90), however, Medium Kick and Hard Kick versions are +5 on hit, depending on where you land, thus making this move comboable into Rising Jaguar, EX Rising Jaguar, Crouching Medium Punch, Crouching Light Kick, or Crouching Light Punch.

    - Instant Overhead

              Neutral Jump Medium Kick serves as an instant overhead. In certain situations, it can be cancelled into air jaguar kick, and combo'd. However, the timing and spacing are not very leniant, and doing this can lead to being punished. Cancelling into EX Air Jaguar Kick, however is safe on block.

    - Anti-Airs

              Adon's anti-airs normals lack a decent hit box, in my option. Still, some well placed normals work relatively well in a few matchups (that will be disclosed later in the matchup section). For normals, Adon has Standing Fierce punch (far) (8 frames) with a small range. Standing Medium Kick (8 frames) works when your opponent comes in at a far angle. Close Standing Roundhouse (7) is great when the opponent comes in right above you right at his peak and is beginning decent, however it must be spaced correctly, and timed right to be effective. Crouch Fierce Punch (11 frames) is dependant on the depth of the jump, however, in my experience has failed more than it has worked. Standing Medium Punch (5 Frames) works in certain situations as well, usually when the opponent is much closer.

            Adon's superior command AA is Roundhouse Jaguar Kick (22 frames / -1 frame on block). This is not to say, of course, that this is the end all mother of AA's, however, in many situations it works well when used to predict your opponent's jump, or just as you see them leaving the ground when spaced correctly. It has 20 frames of recovery, so it is punishable on whiff. Mixing these in with Medium Kick Jaguar Kicks (21 frames / 0 frames on block) on many opponents proves to discourage them to time their jumpins very carefully. EX Jaguar Kick (20 frames), and Air Ex Jaguar Kick may also place your opponent in a juggle state, allowing a follow up options Standing Roundhouse, Rising Jaguars, or Ultra (corner dependant). Rising Jaguar (4 frames for light, 5 for all else) is a mediocre AA, but may be used depending on the depth of your opponent's jump in. Jaguar Tooth (12 lk/13 mk/14 rh) and EX Jaguar Tooth (7 frames) are also mediocre tools that may be utilized as AAs, however, the timing and spacing is more stringent. Better still, the Jaguar Tooth provides you an opportunity to juggle your opponent when spaced correctly.



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