How do I link Balrogs Cr LP -> Cr LK -> Buffalo Headbutt?

I am able to time the cr.LP and the cr.LK, and I understand the theory of charge buffering, but whenver I attempt to pull out the Buffalo Headbutt it seems to never come out.

At what time should I pull out the Buffalo Headbutt in the combo? And is it best to rely on button sound, game sound, or some other factor to determine the timing to complete the combo?



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It is actually really easy. If you can get the Cr.LP, Cr.LK link like you said all you have to do is cancel the LK kick with Headbutt. As soon as you've pressed LK start the motion for the Headbutt. So when the animation of the LK is still there you should press from Down-Back to Up-Back and then press Punch. The reason you go to Up-Back as opposed to just Up or Up-Forward is that you keep your back charge that is necessary to land Balrog's Ultra 1 after this combo.


When you haven't got Ultra 1 and you land a Headbutt you should still do the Headbutt to Up-Back (Keep your charge) then do any of Balrog's Dash Punches to A) Build Meter and B) Keep Balrog close to his opponent when they are getting up off the ground.


Good Luck man (",)




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Doing cr. LP cr. LK xx Headbutt: you may be doing it too fast if you aren't getting it every time.


You could either time it, and do the cr. LK after a few more frames, or...


cr. LP, cr. LP, cr. LK xx Headbutt should give you enough of a charge to get the headbutt every single time


or even j. HK (or HP), cr. LP, cr. LK xx Headbutt


in order to successfully finish a combo with either a Headbutt or a Dash Straight, I usually try to at least fit in two (or three depending on the spacing) cr. LP's before cr. LK, just to get enough of a charge.  


What you can also try (which does more damage) is cr. MK, cr. LP xx headbutt.  There are more recovery frames after cr. MK so when you actually get the cr. LP out, you'll usually have enough of a charge for a headbutt.  This one is tricky though because you need to be close.  starting up with cr. LP is a little more practical because it seriously can snuff almost anything (one of the best normals).


In addition to what Dan Jones was saying, doing a headbutt using UP-BACK should be second nature.  You should ALWAYS use DOWN-BACK to UP-BACK.  Because, like Dan Jones said, even if you don't have an ultra, if you headbutt an opponent, you have enough time before wakeup to throw in a Dash Upper or a Dash Straight (While the opponent is still on the ground), not hitting anything, but purposefully using that to stay close (to initiate a wakeup mixup rush down), and more importantly, building your super meter.


Sometimes its just not practical to throw an ultra after the headbutt because of the damage scaling.


I usually like to throw in the ultra at the end if it looks like I can get the KO with it or get it close to being a KO.


Mostly, doing the ultra early is a really good technique to get your opponent in the corner which (in my opinion) is where Balrog/Boxer really shines.


If you can get a really good mixup/rushdown game with your opponent in the corner, you'd be unstoppable.


Hope this helped!


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With enough practice and persistence I was finally able to get the combo down 6 out of 10 times attempted (This will hopefully improve). I appreciate the help!


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i hold down back lp lp lk up forward y press up forward AS SOON as the lk connects and it should connect fine then you can even ultra or super after that


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