How do I deal with wakeup teleports from M.Bison as Ken?

Edit for clarity: I try to crossup a Bison on his wakeup and he teleports away. Is there anything to do after that or is the teleport a "get out of jail free" move?


I jump in to apply pressure after a knockdown, but the Bison just teleports away. What is the best option when playing against someone who teleports every time on wakeup? If it involves option selecting please explain in lamens terms. Also will your answer work against other teleporting characters?



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you're right that there is an option select and it's pretty simple but hugely useful when you can do it. It is an option select using Ken's jump in Fierce Punch/Roundhouse (HP/HK) and his Tatsu (Hurricane Kick). 


For example you knockdown Bison and want to apply pressure to him as he's waking up. You jump in with Roundhouse and he teleports away. If like you say, he teleports away everytime then all you need to do is input the motion for the Tatsu whilst the Roundhouse is still in it's active frames. If he doesn't teleport the Roundhouse will hit or be blocked and you can continue pressure and the Tatsu won't come out. If he does teleport the Roundhouse will obviously wiff but as soon as Ken touches the ground his Tatsu WILL come out and you'll nail Bison with it. 


(Here's a sample of that option select in action. It's at the 44 second mark)


If the person catches on and stops doing this (habits are hard to break at first so you'll nail him often until he truly learns) He will probably wake up with Headstomp. If he does, then use the same option select with an SRK and that will beat his Headstomp. 


This will work on all teleport characters, however I'm not too sure about Gouki/Akuma. He has the best defensive teleport in the game and has much less recovery than Seth, Dhalsim and Bison. So if you did a Tatsu option select he moves quite far away and will probably have enough time to SRK your Tatsu. Don't quote me on that though just test it out and see what the deal is but I think Akuma might be safe. As a Viper player I can tell you that the same Jump in option select: Jump in Roundhouse/EX Thunder Knuckle gets him everytime but that move covers ground a lot faster than a Tatsu. 


Anyway I hope this helps, after a few minutes in Training Mode you should start getting it down. Then you'll condition your buddy Bison to not think he can get out of jail free with his Teleport.


Good Luck (",)




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If your not yet skilled enough to do option selects, you can do the following:


1. If he only teleports when you jump in then, empty jump in. When he teleports, simply walk towards his teleport and low roundhouse. Empty jumping lets you recover faster to punish. He'll stop wake up teleporting eventually. If he doesn't, free low roundhouses.

2. If he teleports on wake up no matter what, just stand near him and wait until he does it, then punish with low roundhouse, tatsu, etc.



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This video also explains Bison wakeup scenarios at 2:40.


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I may be not be understanding? but the bison teleports away on wakeup and what can you do?


well he's knocked down which means you hit him, which means you did well.. so just don't always try to do stupid when they are waking up to get punished then go run him down again? like knocking bion down then doing a firece srk would be stupid..


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