Dudley's Matchups: What should I know?

I've been maining Dudley since the game came out, and while I've gotten him down when it comes to Combos and other things, the only problem I have with him are what his good/bad matchups are.  I can't seem to figure out which characters I should work on fighting against with Dudley.  Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Calvin Cyr
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Dudley is an in-your-face, rush down machine.  Once you get in,  and get your opponent in the corner (which you probably know is very easy to do) you can take control of the entire round.  But, like Adam Best said above, its pretty tough to get in, especially on good turtles.


Dudley's worst  matchups (in my opinion) that  you should work on the most are Guile and Balrog (like Adam Best said above), Chun Li, Dhalsim, Sagat and any other of the well-known top tier characters.


You've been using Dudley since it came out so you should be familiar with all of the utilities he has that can help you get inside (victory rose, kidney blow, duck), so you should really work on situational match ups, like what to do when Guile is zoning with his Sonic Booms, or how to get past the fireball -> standing HP with Dhalsim. 


Once you find out the options (even if limited) you truly have against those characters, you can figure out a strategy to defend or by pass most of the bread and butter approaches with his bad matchups and then punish when you can.  Once you take control of the match by rushing down effectively, it doesn't matter who your opponent is using.  Find that opening, get inside, and just make it rain mixups and rushdowns until KO.



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The main thing to note with Dudley is that he has a hard time getting inside with a lot of characters - Turtlers such as Guile and Balrog imparticulay. The best thing to do is to be VERY patient, wait for your opening and strike fast and hard.



Hope it helped


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Adam Best
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Thanks for your inputs, guys.  Keep the suggestions coming.


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Calvin Cyr
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Dash punches from balrog can be stopped in their tracks with the lovely standing fierce, or if you're good with your reactions, forward fierce for the extra range. This doesn't work on EX attacks from rog so it's better to block than use this, but for straightforward anti dash punch tactics, I'm not sure if this can be beaten. The best way I've found to do this is bait rog into his ideal dash punch range and watch rog  go for it. One heavy punch well timed stops him nicely.  You could  then FADC into LK/MK/MP/HP for some nice damage.


Rage cats right, but I'd just add one other thing: Watch out for Fei Long, once a good player pops, he doesn't stop!!


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I'm a fuerte main, and I feel this matchup is rough on Duds, especially if you don't have good meter management. All non-EX jet uppers are worthless on wakeup, and cross-countering is just asking to get thrown. As if that wasn't enough, EX Run gets me in and out as I please. 


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Adam Burch
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as a gief player, i wait for that machine gun punch any version, as long as i block it, i know i can land a SPD, Super, or ultra on you after.  be careful. haha. also his little delay before his uppercuts may hurt him in the sense that gief can grab him outta those.  one great move on him is that move where he steps back and then comes forward with a punch, it fakes me out a lot but i think its not safe on block. 


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Jack Chang
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