What is Dhalsims best way to get out of M.bison corner game?

I usually have a hard time if a bison does get me in a corner. I take a barrage of shorts into double knee press. What is the best thing option for me? I block for a while waiting for them to do something else and take alot of chip damage. If I hit a button I ,usually get hit.



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Get a feel for his rhythm. What I find most Dhalsim's do is pick a moment to jump back and HP or Teleport out of there. You can also try using Sim's crouching LK since it's a 3 frame move like Bison's. That's a roll of the dice though since Bison recovers faster (8 frames) and has frame advantage on his cr.LK on block (+1) and Sim takes 12 frames to recover from his own. I say just be patient and find a good moment to jump out of there. Of course, do everything in your power to avoid getting stuck there in the first place.


Update: Watch this video below and you'll noticed Arturo (probably the best Sim in the US) uses st. Back LK to stop Bison and then pushes him out with Dhalsim's longer attacks. He does it when he's just outside of Bison's cr.LK range.



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uhmmm.... teleport?


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