I want to pick up Dictator/M.Bison, but haven't played a charge character before. What are some tips I can use?

Well, I've been maining Ken since vanilla, which the first Street Fighter that I really got into, but I think it's time to open up my horizons and I've wanted to try Bison. I have not ever played a charge character, so I was wondering if I could get general Bison and charge character tips. Also, what's the command for his Super and Ultra? The in game motion illustrations confuse me :D



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The Command for Dictator's Super is Charge back, to forward, back, forward, then Kick. Bison's Ultra 1 is the same, except press all 3 Kicks. Ultra 2 is Double-Quarter-Circle Forward and all 3 Kicks.


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Calvin Cyr
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Well, the biggest advice I can offer you is to learn how to pre-charge. This video depicts that very well and even though he is using Guile this is a necessary technique for any charge character.


Doing this with Bison will allow you to get better and better at his pressure and corner games. It will help you perform his special moves consecutively. Learn it!


Another thing you need to learn with Bison is his pokes and which ones work well for whatever situation you may find yourself in. He has one of the best Roundhouses (HK) in the game since it's fast and can be used as an anti-air at various angles. It can keep grapplers at bay and characters with strong air games grounded. Note how many times the Bison player nails Rufus with it in this video.


It's one of his best moves so learn it's distance and take note of what move it beats out when you use it. His other good poke is his standing (st.) MK which is also vital in his footsies since it has the farthest distance directly in front of him. It can be used to nail crouching opponents from a good distance away. Perfect for poking at Balrog from well outside the range of his fastest pokes. His crouching (cr.) MK and MP are also good. Keep in mind that grappling characters, or any character with a command grab for that matter, can grab his legs if you're not careful.


Another thing I see a lot of people do when they first pick up Bison is spam his Head Stomps (charge down, up, kick). I can't stress how important it is for you not to do that. You will get punished for being that predictable. Bison does have solid air-game but his some what floaty jump should be done in moderation against Shotos (Ken, Ryu, Akuma) or anyone with a Dragon Punch type move since they can DP you pretty much on reaction.


Learn how to pressure you're opponents in the corner with the arsenal he has at his disposal. Keep in mind that Bison's LK Scissors Kick is SAFE ON BLOCK! That mean's that if an opponent blocks it, they CAN'T retaliate because Bison recovers fast. That is very integral to his pressure game. Below is a video of Jeron vs Weaksauce and in it you can see how once Bison gets Sagat in those corners that's when he tears him up.


One last (this is getting kinda long lol) thing to learn as you start with Bison is to get some of his bread and butter combos down. cr. LK, cr.Lk, cr.Lk, LK Scissors Kick is an awesome one, but somewhat difficult to get down pat. Another one is his cr.LP, cr.LP, cr. LK, LK Scissors Kick which is easier to pull off, but his cr. LP is a tad bit slower (4 frames) than his cr.LK. There are a ton of combos you can do after jumping in with HP or HK such as st.HP, HP Psycho Crusher/HK Scissors Kick, cr. MK, HP Psycho Crusher/HK Scissors Kick etc.


Wrapping things up, Bison is a very good rush down character, as long as you put in the practice to learn his ins and outs. Welcome to Shadoloo, we sell drugs!


*Official Bison Pressure*






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