How can I improve my execution for M.Bison/Dictator's cr.LK combo?

I have been playing with M.Bison/Dictator for six or seven months; eventually I can get the cr.LK link to work more consistently after playing a couple dozen matches by having my pointer and middle finger tap the edges of the LK button in a galloping fashion.


What I want to know is how can I get  the execution down to where I can perform this at least 80% of the time as this is the combo that is giving me the most trouble.



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There's pretty much only one answer I can give to this and that is "practice more".

What you have to keep in mind is that light attacks can either be chained or linked and to cancel cr. LK into scissors means you need to link it. Therefore the best advice is to hold out pressing LK as long as you can. You're basically doing that already by "galloping" your fingers, just keep at it. Practice the combo with patience. What I mean by that is to always press cr. LK at the last possible moment instead of rapidly tapping them. I know Bison's cr. LKs won't even come out if you try them too fast, just that the right timing is at the last possible second.

The philosophy it's similar to Paul Phoenix's (Tekken) f,f+2:1 (forward, forward+Right Punch, [just frame]Left Punch). If you press 1 too soon after 2 you'll get the regular version whereas to practice the JF-version of that move you need to delay pressing 1 until the last moment. Try to feel when the move is about to end before pressing the next attack.

After you get the timing down to a pat, just keep repeating the combo from both sides until you're consistent.


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