Should I play Ryu any differently in Super Street Fighter 4 compared to vanilla SF4?

Should I use Ryu any different in Super Street Fighter 4 than I did in vanilla or do I basically use the same strategy, links, and combos?



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Nasir Neal
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He should be played the same way. Ryu is still one of the best characters and still pretty scary. He just doesn't have  as big as a reward for those combos. He wasn't the only one hit by the nerf bat either, even though the hit he took was needed. I think alot of players, like you, think that the balance changes to ryu were pretty fair. If you can pull off jab combos into srk fadc ultra, you'll be fine.


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well i believe he lost his reaction shoryu fadc into ultra 1 while your opponent is jump attacking you due to his uppercuts being 2 hits now. (the ones where you're on the ground and the opponent jumps at you, and you hit him with the upper while hes still in the air and you cancel into ultra) it seems like the first hit hits in front of him and the second hit is the one where he extends his arms and gets some anti-air properties 

the uppercut cancels into ultras that you can land only now seem to be ground to ground cancels. the ones i usually land are the ones where they think im going for a grab but instead i do the uppercut. 

so now landing his ultra depends mostly on your ground game...more throws, and getting your opponent to try to tech more and giving you more chances to land your shoryu cancel ultra. 


i feel noobish for saying this but i would try to create some traps where you're baiting a jump and your pre-emptive light shoryu hits and you can follow up with ultra.  that seems to be one of the ways to land it. you pretty much have to catch them early in their jump too so i dont know anyone who react that quickly. 


his crouching medium kick seems better and feels like its reach is longer than it used to be. 


i also feel like his F+HP into hard punch shoryu does more dmg now.  or then again, it might just be that everything else got nerfed so it looks like it deals more now. 


i used to love his cr lp, cr lp, cr hp, hurricane kick combo, but it seems to be a little harder to hit now.  hes still pretty much the same.  just the lost of the anti air shoryu cancel really sucks.  fishing for cr medium kick into ex hurricane into ultra in the corner still does good dmg and is easy to execute. 


his uppercuts almost trades with everything now, which i thought was a good balancing issue.  i think everyone has a good chance now.  back then you had to stick with the top tiers to win tourneys imo.  now i think every character  has a more even and fair shot


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Jack Chang
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play Ryu the same, but with ultra 2 being a bad ass anti air you can punish jump ins with it.

also Ryu doesn't need to use EX to juggle as much i.e. air to air mid punch-Fierce SRK in vanilla you had to use the EX bar so now you can build a super quicker which also can change a match because you have big combos available using FADC or a super to combo with.



just to add to jack's thoughts if he is jumping in and you are using ultra one why would you waste the meter FADCing a heavy SRK when light SRK will juggle to ultra.

another point its not noobish to point out the traps as you say forcing your opponent to jump over fireballs then punishing them is how to play Ryu watch guys like diago/ valle they have amazing spacing and zoning.


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Rick Hurst
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