What are "bread and butter" (bnb) combos?

I always hear people reference bread and butter combos. I'm sure they are referring to "standard combos", but where would I be able to look up what character has what bread and butter combos? I don't really have a "main" yet, I'm just experimenting with many characters, but it would be nice to see what each character's bread and butter combos are to be able to see which ones are easier for me to execute.



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In addition to Nathan E's response, I would like to add that in my opinion, a BnB is a combo that could be hit confirm that would lead to simple, effective damage, or a combo that is usually safe on block.  They are usually your go-to combos that you build your strategies around with match ups.


To exemplify, my main character is Balrog/Boxer, and he's got a few BnB's, but the ones that I use the most are:


cr. LP, cr. LP, cr. LK xx HP Dash Straight as a good combo that's safe on block (usually) and can deal good damage or chip and can put pressure on an opponent and push them towards a corner.  Also, if confirmed on the cr. LP or the cr. LK, the HP Dash Straight is Super Combo Cancelable.


cr. LP, cr. LP, cr. LK xx HP Buffalo Headbutt as a really good hit confirm combo that can lead to good damage because if it lands, you can link his Ultra 1 or Super Combo to juggle and deal more damage, and push your opponent in the corner.  This is usually what I use to punish whiffed attacks to capitalize and gain control of a match.  


There are usually several BnB's per character. To level up your game and get better in general, you should practice the BnB's so its automatic.  If your execution is spot on, when you are learning matchups, you can train yourself to do these combos almost without even thinking, because you will know what will work and what won't.


Your best bet to learn how to do these combos, is to simply give the trials mode a shot.  The trials may not have all of the BnB's but it will definitely get you acquainted with certain characters and give you a better grasp as to how you could play with them.  After you learn some combos with trials,  you can start looking up more updated stuff and really work on getting better.



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Bread and Butter or "B&Bs" are usually effective combos that deal decent damage and/or are fairly easy to perform with certain characters.


I usually learn about B&B combos through the shoryuken.com character-specific threads.

Here's the link for Chun's basic combos



To answer your main question though, Chun's main b&b would be:

c.lk>c.lk>(c.lk>)ex legs (use two or three c.lks)


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bnb combos are the combos you can use to punish moves with as well it's a combo you have under your fingers, a combo that doesnt have difficult links are bread and butter 


i play honda so bnbs for me are jab xx hands or low forward headbutt


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