How to execute Sagat's kara-canceled Tiger Shot?

I get this by luck sometimes.  I know theoretically you have to press F+LK and before the LK comes out you input a tiger knee or a TU and it comes out.  but how about the tiger shot?  any attempts are usually read by the game as F,D,DF due to me starting out with the F in F+LK, i tried making it as clean as possible but i just cant do it.  it comes out a lot sometimes when i just randomly spam tiger shots, making me think it has something with how you input it with delay or something or another.  can anyone shed some lights on how to do a kara tiger shot.   



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The kara-cancelled Tiger Shot requires the following input:

F+LK (or F+HK) -> Quarter Circle Forward (QCF, consisting of a D, DF, F motion) + any kick

However, what most people end up doing is rocking the joystick (or pad) along the DF edge, resulting in the following input:

F+LK/HK, DF, D, DF, F + any kick

If you do that very quickly, that is when the Tiger Knee comes out.  This is because the joystick input for the Tiger Knee is:

F, D, DF

As you can see above, rocking the joystick along the DF edge results in the F, D, DF input sequence; even though there are interrupts in between them, if done within the allocated input buffer, the move will come out when you press the kick button.

While the technique that Adam pointed out, but that has a strict limitation of having another Tiger Shot on the screen at the same time.  Instead, here are two alternatives which have no such restriction.

First, you can simply let the stick move to neutral after the F+LK/HK and then perform the Tiger Shot.  The inputs would look like this:

F+LK/HK, N, D, DF, F + any kick

Because the Tiger Knee inputs (F, D, DF + kick) aren't located in the above input stream, it will not register.

Some people have difficulty with letting the stick go to neutral after the F+LK/HK and then transitioning to D.  One possibility here would be to use the following inputs, taking advantage of the lax input buffer that Super Street Fighter 4 provides:

F+LK/HK, B, DB, D, DF, F + any kick

This requires somewhat quicker timing (more joystick inputs within the same amount of time), but it doesn't require letting the joystick revert to neutral, and of course it still works because the Tiger Knee input doesn't exist anywhere in the above sequence.



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The method I use to do it did not make sense to me for the longest time, but then I had someone explain it properly to me and it clicked. Hopefully I can do the same for you:


Stand full screen from your opponent and throw a tiger shot with the short button. Just before it hits your opponent, do another tiger shot motion and end with either forward + roundhouse or forward + short. All you'll get is one of the kicks, because a tiger shot was already on screen. Set up and repeat this, but this time when you end your fireball motion with forward + your kara button of choice, press the button twice. 


The first press activates the kick because a tiger shot is already on screen. The second press kara cancels the kick into a tiger shot because, if you timed it right, the first tiger shot disappeared just as you pressed the button the second time. 


The sequence of events is:


1. The first tiger shot is fired.

2. Sagat does quarter circle forward + forward roundhouse and holds the stick towards the opponent.

3. The first tiger shot hits.

4. Sagat presses roundhouse again the instant after the first tiger shot hits.

5. The forward + roundhouse is kara cancelled, and the kara tiger shot is fired.


Make sense? All you need to realize is that you can't have two tiger shots on screen at once, and this is what allows you to kara cancel into one.


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