What are some arguments for or against switching to a stick as a pad player?

I play Brawl, and Tekken 6 and use pads in both. I have very fast fingers and dashing isn't really a problem with me on a pad.


But almost every top player uses stick. Some top players are coming along using a pad, but still primarily stick.


With EVO and Devestation coming up should I learn a stick or stick to my pad and see how I do?



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In the end, use whatever you find easiest. There are definitely some high-level pad warriors out there but they are pretty rare, perhaps just because a lot of the pro-level players have roots in arcade play so they're used to arcade sticks. And as was already mentioned, you probably won't be able to go to any SF4 web site this week without hearing about Inthul, the pad player who got 3rd at ECT2 yesterday.

If you do decide to use a pad at large tournaments (you mentioned EVO and Devastation), make sure you read up on the tournament rules because there are often very specific restrictions about pads. I believe EVO currently has a ban on wireless controllers (except for the Wii), so you may need to use a wired pad. There was some talk a while back about them having "official" wireless pads on hand that were pre-synced to each system but I'm not sure if anything came of that.


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Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done on a pad- anything that you can do on a stick, you can do on a pad- it might not be as easy- which, is what i think the others here are getting at- but if you put in the time with a quality pad you can be as good as you want to be.


I would argue the real advantage of the stick is simply that it's part of the arcade scene, and arcade players are constantly dealing with stiff competition, which improves their game. If you don't live near an aracade scene, don't worry about it- just keep playing hard, and challenging yourself, and the rest will come with time.


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Brandon Gay
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This is coming from a person that switched from a pad to a stick a few months ago after using a pad for over 2 years:  Make the switch.  After getting over the hump that comes from having to learn a new way to play, everything is far easier with a stick.  Combos, FADC's, Special move inputs, etc. are much easier to perform, Charge characters are easier to get a grasp over, and Combos are less likely to drop when using a stick compared to a pad.


With EVO coming up, however, I would stick to the pad for now.  Going into a giant tournament with an unfamiliar control scheme is suicide.  However, after the tourney, I highly reccomend that you drop the cash for a good stick.  You'll notice your game improving immediately.


Go to Amazon.com for some good deals on high-quality sticks.  I got mine with Semitsu parts for $50 off.


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Calvin Cyr
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not so true. if u're seeing the ECT2 (live on USTREAM), there is a fei long player using pad RIGHT NOW. pads are easy to link combos and btw in pads usualy u got 4 front buttoms and the other 2 are in top. its really hard to use ultras (3 buttoms at same time) and in EVO like other championships, u cant use the "LP+MP+HP" buttom. also, sticks from arcade have a click when u press for some way, thats really good to you know where you are pressing. sticks are easly to make combos in my opinion, u cant just rub ur finger in directional like in pad (im not saying that u do this). this way u know really easly how to play with ur character. somethings are really easly to do with sticks and i just dont know why, like rufus dive kick, bnb combos. but i really dont know why.


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Some things are easier with pad, alot more is easier with stick. I don't remeber seeing a rule where you aren't allowed to use a PPP or KKK button on pad. That would be wierd because the tournament edition sticks have 8 buttons with a PPP and KKK buttons as well. When I used to play with pad, I really liked the fact that my opponent could't hear what I was doing. But there were just some combos that seemed impossible with pad, so I switched.


Bottom line is, If you think you have hit a wall where you using a pad is what stopping you from getting better, then it might be time to switch. If you think that you getting better doesn't rely on switching to stick, then play with pad. There are plenty players who do well with pad.


Also, going when going from pad to stick. I never played at arcades before so using the stick seemed like I had to move a mile to get an input when compared to pad. But your accuracy is so much better with stick.


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Never do something just because a lot of people are doing it. Like the old saying, "If all the top players jumped off a bridge, would you want to jump too?"


Stick to what you're comfortable with. There's no shame in being a pad player. They're just as good as stick players and their numbers are increasing. Don't short-shaft yourself because of the majority. 


Hope this helps.




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Shippu Cakes
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The biggest reason in my scene to swap for a stick to a pad is cross platform compatibility.

We have players who use either xbox or playstation pads and when they face each other, one of them has to either use the other systems pad or use a playstation 2 -> xbox 360 convertor.

With a stick you can just borrow someone else's or have yours already dual modded.

End of the day just use what ever your comfortable with. Theres no harm in picking up a cheap stick and practicing on the side.


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