How can Ryu get in on a very good defensive (turtling) Dhalsim?

I'm having a hard time getting in on turtling Dhalsims, obviously all jump-ins are risky and when the Dhalsim is in turtle mode, most if not all shenanigans are caught.

Is there any way that I can get in effectively with Ryu?



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That's a tough one. One of any Ryu players least enjoyable match-ups. Just know that the single most important thing in this match is patience. If you are too aggressive in your attempt to get in you will be punished by a decent Dhalsim player. 


You can keep up in the fireball game and try to notice a pattern in the Dhalsim's attacks. A common one is when they get you to block a Yoga Fire they do Standing Fierce so that you can't focus the fireballs. If you notice when the Dhalsim is doing this a well timed Shoryuken will beat out his Standing Fierce and will deter him from pressing Standing Fierce in that situation, meaning you can slowly edge forward. Be careful though as a good Dhalsim will be able to bait you into thinking they are going to use a Standing Fierce and punish your Shoryuken attempt with an actual Standing Fierce. 


Walk forward and blocking as needed is the best tactic as it puts Dhalsim in the corner where he is extremely weak. He lacks a true "Get the heck off me move!" (corner option) which is a problem for him. If Dhalsim tries to teleport to try and get out of the corner, he can't move far enough to get away. You can Standing Jab, Short or Roundhouse if he does an instant air teleport and you can sweep or Hurrcane Kick/Tatsu if he does a ground teleport to get out of the corner. Then you can carry on pressuring him. 


There are instances when you can use focus attack to get in on Dhalsim. If you are walking forward and blocking to get in, Dhalsim will want to throw out a Standing Fierce, he doesn't care if you get hit or not he just wants to push you away, this is when you focus absorb his attack, canceling the focus attack with a dash and then Shoryuken his limbs and you're in.


If you get in on Dhalsim and knock him down and when you jump in he Teleports backwards to safety (very common with Dhalsim players) there are many option selects to deal with that situation.


The good Dhalsim players when cornered won't panic and will not just try to escape they will use Dhalsim's very quick cr. short (which has a three frame startup) to stuff your block strings. If you jump at him when he's cornered a good Dhalsim will just slide under you and teleport away so try to stay grounded and use Ryu's great normals and block strings to pin him in.


It's a match that takes a lot of work and time to be comfortable in but you'll get there my friend.


Here is a great match between the best Dhalsim player (Iyo) and best Ryu player (Daigo) in the world to give some more insight into the matchup:



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