Boxer's EX Upper Loop Timing

I need advice with the timing between an EX Upper and the next crouching jab when performing Balrog's EX Combo Loop.  I can get it but it's literally half the time I can link it and the other half it just fails completely.


Is it a timed link? Do I have to link the jab at just the right time or does it have to be right after the EX Upper?


Any advice to help my timing would be greatly appreciated :)



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I made a little practice video with my version of the loop.. you can hear the button presses pretty clearly - maybe that will help you with the timing. 



hopefully this helps.




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The way I learnt it was to  do the jab after the ex quite quickly, you'll see it won't come out to start off with.  Keep delaying the jab that little bit longer till you see it come out then you'll be able to get the timing down on it.  Also once you've landed the jab try not to rush the next link into


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Balrog's Rush Upper loop can be tricky in the beginning, but once you get the timing down, it's actually pretty easy! First thing to note about this link is that EX Upper is +4 on hit, and low jab is 3 frames startup. You have a 2 frame window to connect with jab, so while it may seem easier than a 1 frame link, it's still a pretty tight execution.


Familiarize yourself with the Rush, and try to determine when it ACTUALLY ends. Overcoming this small hurdle will help you in the long run until you develop muscle memory for the execution. In my experience, it's been easiest to watch Rog's feet, and the dust he kicks up as he's performing the rush. As soon as you see the smoke die down, the move is over, and you can press low jab again. 


If your opponent blocks, you are pressing the button too late. Try to press it a little sooner and see if you can actually connect it. If you press the button and nothing happens, you've pressed it too early, and Rog will just sit there looking at the opponent afterward.


A good exercise I did for a few days before I got the timing down pretty good was Jab Jab Jab Sweep. Work your way down to just Far Standing Jab, Sweep, as it's a 1 frame link, and continue practicing that until it feels natural. When you go to do the EX Upper afterward, it should feel much easier to accomplish. When you practice ANY combos, you should really focus on what your character is actually doing, and what they look like as they're recovering from each move and executing the next. This recognition makes it easier to implement links. Hope this helps!





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