What monitors are used at Evo? What are the best gaming monitors in general?

This is a double question really.  What is the best monitor to game on?  I hear Asus mentioned all the time, but I am never sure which model? 

Also what is the model that is used at Evo and most large events?



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As mentioned by maskedburrito, the Asus vh236h is what was used at Evo 2009 (and I believe there were a few of those set up at East Coast Throwdown 2).

However, a CRT monitor (the old tube tvs) are actually the best monitors to use, as they don't have response times (since pixels are not changing colors, it's the refresh rate that is important here).  Additionally, you will never run into issues with scaling due to mismatches of input and output in terms of hi-def resolution (output is 720p on a 1080i input, for example).

Ideally, a HD CRT (the old Sony XBR series for example) is the best choice, but that tends to be somewhat impractical, as they tend to be very heavy, and take up a lot of space).


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Asus vh236h is the monitor used at Evo.
There are many  monitors with response times under 2 ms, particularly an LED from Samsung with a 2 ms response time and great picture quality.


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I have a 19LG30 and it has no lag time. The colors are very vibrent and the sound is pretty crisp. I just suggest most high end brand names. Hope This Helps


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