What is M. Bison's full name?

As we all (should) know, M. Bison in Japan is Boxer's name. His full name is Mike Bison, as we can tell from his appearance in the original Street Fighter.

Now in most other areas M. Bison is the name of the Dictator. A lot of people call him "Mister Bison", but I highly doubt that's canon. So is his full name also Mike Bison? Does anybody know? Is there an answer?


Edit: Stop explaining the Mike Bison thing! I put that in this initial post FOR A REASON.



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There is no official canon answer.  Capcom intentionally never answered the question to give the character some "mystery".


When I was younger, I used to think the M stood for Major, as in a rank, but that would mean that there are tons of people in Shadaloo that outranked him.


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It was originally Mike Bison (as explained above). But in english, it is supposed to be Master Bison. as explained here: http://streetfighter.wikia.com/wiki/Bison


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I think it was meant to be Mike Bison ( imitation of Mike Tyson ) since in the japanese version of SF Boxer is called M. Bison instead of Balrog


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