What is the philosophy behind making combos so difficult?

The developers chose to make the inputs for moves less strict in SF4.  They decided to increase the reversal time.  Why then, did they choose to make basic combos so difficult?



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Unless there is secretly a capcom programmer on here (which i doubt) there isn't going to be a real answer to this question. There are a lot of things that go into creating a video game, a lot of the difficulty is balancing. When they make a new fighting game thats built on old principles, they try to fix some of the old problems and implement things that help some of the old successful meta game. as I've said though, this is just speculation.


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Ian Moran
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I would imagine the answer to that question to be almost obvious.  The combos are hard due to the creators of the game wanting to give the game more depth.  I feel like if everyone can do 500 hit combos and can kill you in one shot, who would want to play the game anymore?  So that's maybe why it's so hard to do certain links or combos.  I mean, most characters do have easy combos, and beginners and veterans alike can use them and appreciate the simplicity and easiness of them. And then there are the much harder ones, that perhaps only veterans who put in a lot of practice can do.  Beginners would think oh, it's not worth my time and not learn them and give up the extra advantages ( more dmg, un-techable knockdowns, placement, extra ex bar). While veterans who understand the not so apparent advantages, would master them.  So SF4 has both, easy combos such as the generic jump in hard kick into trip, which everyone can do, and the harder links - which is why I think it's so popular.  Easy to learn and stand a chance against anyone, difficult to ultimately master and beat everyone.     


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Jack Chang
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