EX fireballs into ultra in the corner

Well Sagat and Ryu players have the ability to get a knockdown off a EX fireball. In the corner you can EX Fireball into Ultra. Why don't more Ryu and Sagat players use this tactic more often. Is it unreliable, or low damage?



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It's kind of tricky with the execution, spacing and timing so it's not reliable enough to include in your regular combo arsenal. You also need to slightly buffer the ultra in order to connect which would imply hit confirming the fireball or just being really confident or crazy with your playstyle. It's a higher level combo and you see it often enough in high level play but probably not too much in intermediate play.


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i do this pretty often with ryu and its the damage scalling that makes me pull back from doing it heres an example


i dont have the stats on the damage but say ryus in the corner i usually do c.lp c.lp c.hp ex tatsu ex fireball ultra 1


its a flashy move to see but honestly the damage isnt too great if your in a match where you really wanna win there are better setups for ryu or sagat that make sure you dont use up too much of your meter on a weak setup


sometimes doing a ultra by itself or with a focus attack or fadc is better than a big flashy combo


its all about using the right amount of your tools at the right time imagine being in a zombie movie and using all your rocket launchers on the weakest zombies? you'd be screwed l8ter lol


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Because of damage scaling, it's generally not their best option. Either character will want to use a more damage setup if given the chance(ex tatsu for Ryu...I don't play Sagat). You also have to use 1 ex bar before you know if you can land ultra or not. Where the fireball juggle becomes useful is in a bit of a footsies battle in the corner. The ex fireball allows Ryu to land ultra off of a c.mk, which isn't that difficult to hit with, especially with your opponent cornered.


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