Are there any good option selects for Rufus against M. Bison?

Bison Is one of my worst matchups, after ryu and akuma and I was wondering if there are any option selects for rufus to use vs bison that may help the matchup?



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I don't really use Rufus consistently to know all of them, but one I've seen used on my Bison is jumping hp with qcf.kk buffered in. That one seems to punish a back teleport or back dash on my end. Another one you could try that I've read about is jumping hp with qcf. pp. The vacuum properties seems to suck back dashes back in towards you, allowing you to get a low hit and start a combo. It apparently doesn't work on Chun since her backdash goes too far back, but it should work on ol' Bison. You may be able to option select Snake Strike as well to get a Bison that likes to jump back, but should go into training mode to see if it'll work. Unfortunately, I'm unware of any option selects from dive kick. Give these a shot to see what works for you.


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