What are good matchup strategies against Dhalsim with Ryu, Ken and Dudley?

This is the one character I can't win against... Is there a good way to counterattack him?

The main characters I use now are Ryu, Ken and Dudley if it helps.



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From my experience playing as Sim: (noob-moderate)


The Ryus that I have a hard time are patient and not that predictable.  Once Ryu gets a life lead he can sit on it.  Take advantage of when you get in, but don't get desperate because that's when Sim rapes you.  Look to see if the Sim player is predictable with his pokes.  You can focus attack is s.hp and hit him even though he's across the screen.  If he gets too predictable you can even DP his limbs.  Sims offense is limited so if you get a good life lead let him come to you. 


Ken is similar but he can't sit back as much as Ryu.  Take advantage of Kens offense and once you score a knock down make sure you mix it up and keep the pressure up.  Same as Ryu just keep patient.


I see a of Dudleys trying to jump in.  Don't do that.  I'm pretty sure Dudley has some counter pokes them up.  I know he has one for Sims s.hp.  Use that and focus attack to make him think about his pokes. Then work your way in.  Be careful with duck, Sim can punish you for ducking through yoga fires.


Patience, counter pokes and focus attack.  Like Pxoto said learn his pattern.  I hope this helps.


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Good replies here, I'm having much the same problems with Dhalsim as the OP.

My problem is timing it right to punish his pokes with DP's, and I'm strugling with Sim's extremely lame knee when you jump in... it seems that his knee hits you regardless.

That being said, when I do get a knock-down on him, I tend to rush him. Rushing often helps against Sim players, as they are a little at a loss when they can't keep you on a distance. Does not apply to ALL Sim's, mind you!

Be wary of his throws!


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Usually, dhalsim fighters kites you and keep poking with HP and things like this. The thing is to take this off. For example. Shoryukens can hit dhalsim if he tries to attack you with ranged attacks like HP or LK. If you do a shory it will hit him. Try to antecipate his teleports. if you understand that he will teleport to the other side, prevent a shory or something to take him down. Dhalsims are a loot anoying but you can pwn him if you understand what THAT player does with the character. Usualy dhalsim players aren't hybrid and once you break his strategy you probably will own him.

Kens have his foward+MK wich has a great range and can be a frap trap.

Ryu has his jumping MP wich can bring you a chance to link an ultra or something. I cant tell about dudley because i dont know almost nothing about him.



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