Why can't I use the search bar at the top of this site?

Everytime I type in a question and press enter, the page simply reloads the exact same way, as if the search bar did not even acknowledge my question.  In addition, the search bar is in gray font.  Does the gray color indicate that my question will not be searched?  Does one need a certain amount of rep to use this site's search engine?





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While I appreciate the enthusiasm that that mtmcnair0 has in his answer (and he is partially correct, it is not implemented yet), as well as his confidence in my ability, I can't say that it will be done in a week (nor can he, he isn't on the dev team for the site, sorry mtmcnair0). =)


However, it is one of the highest priority (actually, the highest priority) issue for development on the site right now, as per the suggestions through the feedback mechanism on the site:




In terms of timeline, I can say that it is the thing that is currently being worked on right now and will be the next change released to the site.  When it does, everyone will be updated via the Twitter feed and Facebook fan page.


Also, at that point, this question will be taken down/closed, as it would be no longer relevant.



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Use the tags.  If you're looking for a question on Abel lets say, you might see a question that might not be the one you are looking for but it has "Abel" as a tag.  Click the Abel tag and you'll see other questions that have that tag.  It might help make easier to locate what you're looking for until the search bar is functional.


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the code isnt written yet. just give it a week. ^_^ sorry about that..


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