What is the best way to memorize and execute combos?

Why is the best way to memorize and execute combos in SSF4? So i could do heavy damage instead of the light combos I do like jab to sweep. I was thinking of trying to memorize/practice all the combos in the Trials and not leaving the trials room until I can consistently [naturallly] do them all. I thought that would help me get a solid foundation before entering battle/online play.





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Longer combos do not mean more damage in SSFIV. The game has a damage scaling system which scales damage down as the combo lengthens. For example: an ultra does more damage alone rather then part of a long combo. Does this mean to avoid combos? No, not at all. A lot of times you want to hit confirm with quick moves to ensure your heavy moves hit rather then miss and getting punished.


As someone mentioned, not all of the trial combos are useful and some of the character's BnB aren't present. If you're looking to improve your game in Street Fighter IV combos come third and with practice (no way around it). Learning your character's normal attack's start-up speed, range, and hit boxes first. Knowing this will greatly increases your fundamentals. So if you're really looking to improve your game here's a couple of things to remember.


1. Know ALL of your character's range and frames inside and out. Here's a link to help you out there. Choose your character and select "frame data".


2. Know your character's BnB combos: http://shoryuken.com/f315 The pinned topics will help you out in that department.


3. Execution, no point in knowing combos if you can't land them when you need them.


4. Lastly know what combos work when. You might want to read up on frame advantages and block strings. You'll find plenty of older Q&A that will help you there.


As a last note the best way to "memorize moves" is muscle memory through practice. Sorry, no real shortcut other then knowledge of what you're doing.


Longer answer then I expected, good luck in your matches :)


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Geo Holyhart
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learn your main characters b'n'bs dude and just practice them!!


most of the trials just show you what characters are capable of, some waste meter that you could put to better use later on, some are usable and you will be able to fall back on time and time again


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Rick Hurst
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if you are going to use combos from trial mode, what you should do is distinguish which combos are viable in an actual match, and which combos are just for show (an example of a combo that is for show and serves no purpose in a match is ryu - standing strong>FADC>standing strong>FADC>standing strong>fierce DP)


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DMG InsaynNe
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Before doing every combo, you should pick a main character that you will constantly. once you do that, you should learn your character. Baby steps, dude! :)


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DMG Reaper
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going at it lke this is settin yourself up for a very hard fall!


ok ok lets pretend for this purpose that your execution and timing are FLAWLESS!


not every combo works on every1 the same way Exapmle


Ryu  standing light punch crouching light punch crouching hard punch light tatsu

on some people this connects completely on other it may not connect at all seeing as how the light punches might move you back far enough so the hard punch doesnt connect then your screwed

on others it might still connect but you might have to tinker with the timing a bit or move the person over into the corner then more problems come into play


conditioning the other person to play in a way that you can pull off w/e it is you wanna do


all these things must be considered


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