What is a cross up?

I was wondering if some one could help a noob out and explain what a cross up is and when the correct time to use one would be?



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A cross-up is when you try and attack an opponent on the side that is not facing you.  This places pressure on your opponent because they have to gauge if the attack is coming from the front or the back and guard accordingly.

Not every move for every character has crossup potential (although most characters have one).  Only the moves that have a hitbox which extends behind your own center line can cross up.

Here is a video showing the cross-ups for the cast of characters in vanilla:

It should be noted that while most characters have cross-up moves, they aren't always practical.  For example, in the above video (at around 4:18) they show Sagat's cross-up (his jumping LK), however, if you look at the combos, it's difficult to land late enough to get the hitstun required for a true combo (he gets three hits, but only register as two-hit combos).

You will use a cross-up when you knock a player down.  If you try and do it while they are standing, they will turn around to face you as you jump over them.

Finally, while the majority of cross-ups are in the form of jumping attacks, there are some moves which are not but still cross-up.  Bison's Psycho Crusher (in Super) is a good example of that.


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