Which ending is canon?

I've been thinking about the various Street Fighter IV endings, and i'm still confused as to who's ending is canon; a lot of them defeat Seth (the actual Seth, not just the clones), but surely he doesn't get beaten by multiple characters, right? It smacks of the Street Fighter Zero 3 endings, where Vega's body disintegrates after fighting various characters, but only one character lands the blow that sparks the combustion.


So, in short, whodunnit? And, furthermore, whodidn't? :D



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The endings to all of the Street Fighter games have always been a little confusing, since all of them involve beating the boss character, each with different repercussions.  Street Fighter 4 is no different in that respect.


With the impending release of Super Street Fighter 4 and ten more characters thrown into the mix, I expect the confusion to grow.


However, Capcom announced the pending release of the Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia in June of 2010.  Given that this will be after the release of Super Street Fighter IV, it's possible that the canon will be estabished for the game then, indicating which one will be the definitive ending.


At the least, it should hint at the other games in the series before 4.  Not that it would help much, but it will hopefully fill many of the gaps that exist up until 4 (and possibly after, given that Third Strike is technically after Street Fighter 4 in the timeline).


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