Balrog zoned out by shotos

My Balrog has a hard time making contact with shoto characters. I'm constantly being zoned and controlled by fireballs, what should i do?



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Your playing as one of the characters that has some of the best tools against zoning in the game.


First, TAP. Period. If you can get in mid range, this will KILL any attempts to zone you out.

Next, EX moves. All rush punches go right through fireballs.

After that, FADC. I'm not one to use this one much, but it gets the job done. Still, you've got better options once you get 1 meter or more.


HEADBUTT! This can punish fireballs like a boss. Just go right through the fireballs when your in range.


Last JUMP! Just jump right up. Not up forward, but just up. While doing this, charge TAP. As soon as they get fed up, get down to playing close range. If they keep it up, just pull out a big ol FINAL TURN AROUND PUNCH, and take all 80% of the opponent's life.


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If your opponent is spamming fireballs, what I like to do is just fadc back them to build up ultra meter.  This usually frustrates my opponent and forces him to be more offensive, especially if you are able to gain enough meter for an ultra without actually taking any damage.


Using EX rush punches is good if you are close enough that you absorb the fireball and hit immediately, but that requires super meter, and there are so many ways around it.  Especially since you can still be grabbed out of your EX rushes even after its absorbed a hit.  You could also headbutt through the fireballs to punish if you are close enough, but random headbutts are a dangerous game to play.


Using turn around punch is good but your spacing has to be absolutely perfect.  Most of the time, someone with as little of a hadoken recovery as Ryu will be able to block the TAP and will leave you wide open for punishment.  You can also be SRKed out of your TAP if you try to get in that way.  Kens can get full Ultra animation to punish a TAP that goes through a hadoken at max screen space.  And good Akumas, if they have ultra, could easily bait you into TAP through a fireball and then do an Ultra 1 Demon or a Super Demon.  And that hurts. A lot.


EX rushes and TAP are not the safest way to get through fireballs at all especially against shotos that know what they are doing and know the match up well.


Your best bet is to use your fadc to build ultra meter and frustrate your opponent.  Also, using normals like neutral jump fierce to avoid the fireball and close slowly is a good way to close in on your opponent, and it's fairly safe.


Even fadc'ing forward through one fireball and then neutral jump fierce (hold forward after for slight forward movement) over the next is your safest approach to gaining ground on a zoning shoto.


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Your best way to get in to a zoning / turtle shoto is to utilize the armor properties of your EX Dash Punches. For instance if Ryu has no meter (an EX fireball will have it's first hit absorbed by the armor, and the second hit will then register and you will take the damage from both hits), you can dash punch through his fireball spam and follow up with a jab block string/mix up.

Another great way to get in is to use turn around punch right before the fireball hits you; it will dodge the fireball and rush forward. This will also allow you to to walk forward while charging it up. 

Once you're in just keep the pressure on by mixing up your block strings and jump-ins.

Here's a video to give you a little justice. =) Hope this helps....


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