what is a mix up?

i was wondering if someone could shed some light on what a mix up was i hear it often when high level players are talking and waas hoping some one could help



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A mix-up is any technique that makes your opponent have to guess what's coming next (with some characters, it involves a dash to make them switch sides), and usually after you've already connected with something that either resulted in an untechable knockdown or a reset.  Resets are great ways to trigger a mixup after you've scored a knockdown a couple of times during previous combos. 


For example, see this video where Makoto uses a jumping fierce to knock Dudley farther into the air.  When she lands, she dashes underneath him.  At that point, the Dudley player would have to react quickly, as he's likely pre-blocking the other direction.  But what's coming next from Makoto?  She could normal into a combo, she might throw, and she might command throw.


Keep in mind that this is only one example with one character, but nearly every character has a mix-up game of some sort.


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