Dhalsim's Medium Kick into Yoga Flame help needed.

I cannot seem to consistently land this combo and it's kind of one of his more necessary bread and butter combos especially after an IAT. I was wondering if their were any tips on how to get the execution of the mk into l.yoga flame consistently. Any tips on timing, or execution shortcuts I maybe haven't thought of would be appreciated.



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Edgar Valdez
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There is a shortcut for sim's yoga flame. it's down-forward to back + punch. So when you do the the back+mk, press the joystick down-forward then back + punch superfast. I usually press the punch button a few times to make sure it registers. Once you have that down, try to cancel that into the super. (2 QCF +P)


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Just to put some emphasis on Schhens response, that short cut is absolutely correct. There was a time where I couldn't hit that combo for my life.  When I learned the shortcut my execution imporved significantly.  It has a wierd timing so it takes some time in training mode.  Here's a tip that is slightly related to the short cut.  You can use that same shortcut to cancel the lk. slide into flame.  (cf. lk., b. any p)  This is useful to mix between low slide and grab and also ppl that will try to focus you a lot.  Its not a combo but it's mixup for you grabs.  Back to the main topic, i was able to learn the combo doing piece by piece:  I did the b.mk., lp. flame., then I added j.b. hp., then I added IAT, and finaly I added Super.  I only added each part after I had a good execution rate with the one I was currently on.  Hope this helps.


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There is no shortcut that I am aware of either, but I execute it similar to Ryu's cr. MK xx Hadoken 2-in-1 combo, perhaps you can practice the motion Back to Yoga frame first, then do the same but add a medium kick at the beginning of the motion.  


I think if you wait for Back + MK to connect first then do Yoga Flame, it is too late.



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what i do when i play sim is i do back medium kick and then i do the half circle but pratice


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