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Hey, I'm a somewhat causal player of Ryu and I just have a few questions on what to do to improve my game. 1. When facing Vega, what is my best option against the Wall-Dive? 2. Aside from C.Mk --> Hakouken, what are some other Bread and Butter combos I should be working on? Thanks so much for the help!



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Here are a few good simple combos.

chp canceled into Shoryuken

cmk canceled into Tatsu

cmp canceled into Hadoken

shp canceled into Shoryuken

shk canceled into Shoryuken

Kyuubi - Kudaki(forward+shp) canceled into Shoryuken


On wakeup:

short Shoryuken linked into EX Shoryuken

short Shoryuken linked into EX Hadoken linked into EX Hadoken

short Shoryuken linked into EX Hadoken linked into EX Tatsu(requires relatively strict timing)


All three of the wakeup short Shoryuken can be replaced by Shoryuken EXFADC forward.


Hope it helps, and if you have any questions, just ask.


EDIT: Here's another.

Shoryuken canceled into Shinku Hadoken linked into Metsu Hadoken(requires relatively strict timing on the Metsu Hadoken)


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Vs. Vega, you have to mix up your counters to wall dive. If you use the same one every time, he'll have an answer for it. Example:You can focus almost all of them, but if you only use this, he'll begin to izuna drop you. So, mix it up with neutral jump ex tatsu, j.hp, jump back hp, c.hp. Lot's of stuff works, but what makes it hard is no one option covers all of his. Experiment.


BnB combos. Learn c.lp/c.lk, c.lp, s.lp, c.hk and c.lp/c.lk, c.lp, c.lp, c.hk. These combos seem weak, but they give you the best options after you knock them down. They'll set up safe jumps against most characters. Only use tatsu in your combos if you want to reset the position. Push them to the corner, or lk tatsu if you want to get back to full screen distance.


Electricity. If you want to poke him out of it, any poke will work, it's the range that matters. Use any button from it's maximum range and it will beat electricity. Crossups will beat it, but you have to use j.lk, and the spacing is pretty tight. It's the same idea though, max range. If he's doing it as he's getting up, you can even just throw him out of it's startup. Walk up and dp him...all kinds of stuff you can do. You just have to time it well. Electricity has startup frames like any attack...just need to throw/hit him on the first few frames after he gets up and you'll beat it.


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Chris Edwards
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Ah thanks, I do hate fighting Blanka as well, but all my friend plays is Blanka and I really hate his electricity spamming on wakeup (he uses it as a get out of jail free card), so I've just been trying to find a way to effectively punish his spamming.


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you can block and then punish 

 jump away and hadouken

usually a c.lk will connect without hurting you but try out different c.moves c.lp c.mp c.lk c..mk in training and see which ones work exactly

i hate fighting blankas and distance seems to be your best friend against a blanka player


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Hmm I just have one more question. When facing a Blanka who spams electricity on wakeup, what options does Ryu have to counter that without getting shocked? I know crossups and c.mk don't work, would the best option be to safe jump or can I only block it and then punish?


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Thanks for the help! I will have to hit up practice mode soon to work on that and get my timing down versus Vega. Also thanks for the advice about the various combos for Ryu, so far I have c.lk c.lp c.hp --> tatsu as well as FADC ultra, so I will work to add these combos into my playstyle.


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against vega i would say  crouch hp to knock him out of the air or set the training cpu to do the wall dive and practice your jump mp to knock him out the sky you can also try focusing right before he hits you this will get you past his claw but he might grab you so watch out


as for c.mk hadouken  my personal favorite is c.lp c.lk c.lp c.mk hadouken or c.mp c.mp shoryuken or sweep (if there open)


if your dealing with some1 who blocks alot but they seem to let you get very close you tick throw em


example j.hp c.lp walk forward right after the lp and grab em dont do this alot but they may not expect it because of how fast it works


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