Why is Street Fighter 4 (as opposed to Super Street Fighter 4) refered to as "vanilla"?

Why is the original version of Street Fighter 4 refered to as "vanilla"?



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Before Super Street Fighter IV was announced, it would not have been referred to as vanilla, as there was nothing else to compare it to.

However, with Super Street Fighter 4 having been released, the original (as things are in most other fields) is referred to as "vanilla".

"Vanilla" is a term that is applied in slang to "plain" or "core" things, most notably because they serve as the base into which things are added, much like vanilla ice cream, hence the reference.


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Vanilla is just a term used in gaming (that's where i've seen it used) to denote something as the DEFAULT or first iteration of a game. Street fighter 3 is vanilla, while street fighter 3: 3rd strike is not :)


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Vanilla is used in almost every game.


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