Ryu vs Balrog matchup

I'm a Ryu user and I'm constantly having trouble facing Balrog and I get completely overpowered by him, online or even vs the CPU.  What are some strategies in order to overcome him?



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in addition to the above post. boxers cr.hk has significant recovery so an FA eats it alive for crumple stun EASY. Safe jumps and meaty jumpins also give him a hard time IMO.


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Here are a couple of things that might help you in this match up:


If you really want to win, keep him at a far distance and throw fireballs. React to things like dash punches and turn punches with low forward fireball, SRK, low forward SRK (Daigo likes to use this one), etc.


Just like Chun Li, Balrog's pokes (crouching roundhouse in particular) are pretty good against Ryu. Learn their distance, and once your in the distance for a poke, focus attack. The Balrog player will probably stick one out without thinking. Punish it with a level two focus or a dash up throw. (Or whatever you else you can think of)


I noticed that a lot of online Balrogs will keep pressing buttons after dropping a combo. Most of the time that button is roundhouse. So if your playing online and a Balrog drops a combo (and a lot of them do) try to charge a focus attack. However, if the Balrog catches on, you will most likely be punished if you do it too often.


Also, it might help you if you check out a youtuber named IICh3ckMateII. He's an excellent Ryu player and has a few videos about his problems with the match up.



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