What is th Cody - Dictator matchup all about?

So I try to play Cody and I get owned up for free in this matchup.


Beyond "scissor kicks are safe on block" and "punish Psycho crusher" what other options do I have with Cody against Dictator?



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In this match up alot rides on the ability to not get cornered by Bison.  If you get cornered your screwed.  Using ex Zonk (Bingo) can save you if timed right giving it has invincibility.  When he does a psycho crusher block it and you can throw after you block I think you can jab combo after it.


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Andy Daniels
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Not quite sure still but here are some random notes:


-Rush him down, he is like Cody and has a sub-optimal reversal. If you let Dictator rush you down / block string you all day you are screwed.


-You can bad spray to punish some of the Psycho Torpedo move ON HIT depending upon which one he does/spacing.


-f+HK to go over that cr. kick that he will inevitably spam


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