With Ibuki, how can I counter a Blanka that spams electricity?

Okay. Maybe I'm just terribad. Maybe it's a bad match up overall. But I have the toughest time playing against Blankas. One match inparticular that is in question is one where Blanka did the Electricity move the ENTIRE match. Didnt even move. I could not find a way through this or was able to start a combo. Is there any way to stop Electric cheesers?



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Aaron Page
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did you try were she throws the blades? any attack to were you can throw something like a  hadouken for example it will stop him


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i agree with Kevin Williams projectilces can stop electricity but also certain reguler hits can knock him out of it and either trade off (you both get hit) or only blanka gets hit my best advice would be for you to go into training fight against blanka and make the cpu only do the electricty then you can experiment with what hits work against him



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Kunais don't beat Blanka's electricity. Kunais can be destroyed by hitting them and Blanka's mashymash-attack counts as a hit, making them useless in that situation.


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If you get a knockdown stay close back dash and try to bait either electricity or a ball, and test your options there in training. I think most if not all crouching attacks from any character will beat electricity, I don't play Ibuki much but the key to her is getting knockdowns and then starting a solid mix up game. Also there is always the option of grabbing an opponent right out of electricity if you do it quick enough (which you can also do with a badly placed fireball.) Obviously test all these options in training mode.


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Edgar Valdez
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bait the electric masher then use the forward slide grab move. try to find the timing between blankas ground shock moves. if they play blanka in a defensive manner then take ur time, try to count how frequently he uses the blanka ball/ground shock moves. feel happy in knowing that a gd blanka player is infuriatingly difficult opponent to play against ^_^


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If he is mashing electricity you can't really bait him to move. Most pokes and slides pull him right out of that though. Or just get the life lead and don't touch him if he really refuses to move. I am not 100% on this but I think his electricity actually counters her blades (they bounce off his back, or something).  So just don't jump in on him and maybe he'll have to find a better way to play Blanka. 


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Ex neckbreaker is immune to projectiles, and electricity is a projectile that doesn't move. It will grab him out of it everytime if you can bait it out.


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Chris Edwards
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in addition to what everyone else wrote you should train yourself to do neckbreaker whenever you block one of his blanka balls.  he has no time to recover.  This will force him to use other tactics.  


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