Openings for Ryu against Sagat

I was playing a Sagat online and he had a habit of always jumping back at the opening of a match (something I notice is very common for most players characters).

That said, I was wondering what are good offensive options (in order from safest to least safe) that would be appropriate for a Sagat (or any other character) that likes to jump back?

Also, what are some other offensive options for Ryu as an opener (again, in order from safest to least safe, please) against Sagat given his possible openers (for example, he could start of with a standing HK)?

It does without saying that the answers are not the be-all-end-all, but just want to flesh out what options are available.



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I feel like it's impossible to list from safest to least safest. Everything (except maybe two options) can be unsafe. Depending on what your opponent, in this case Sagat, does.


In my opinion, the best "offensive" opener would be to do nothing, and react for Sagat to do something. (This would be one of the safe options) If the Sagat jumps back, dash forward. If he jumps in, punish it with a DP. (I doubt I have to tell you that, but might as well throw it in there). Focus dash a tiger shot, block, etc. The other safe option would be dash back. (Assuming kara HK tiger knee can't punish it).


Everything else, I would consider unsafe. Unless, your playing a with him/her long enough to be confident enough to  predict what he'll do at the beginning of the match.


If he likes to empty jump backwards:

-Safest option would be to dash towards him. You won't get any damage out of him, but you can keep a little more pressure on him. After this most Sagats will throw a tiger shot, which you can FADC to get even closer, or jump back more, because most Sagats want to be at full screen.

-You could try to HK air tatsu and try to catch him jumping back. Not too sure if it'll connect because of how far you start at the beginning of a round.


Probably the most common Sagat opener is dash back.

-As far as I know, the only safe offensive opener would be dash forward. But doing this makes you vulnerable to opening tiger shot, kara uppercut, etc. Jumping in/ tatsu can be punished by tiger shot. Also, most Sagats will tiger shot after dashing back. So you can FADC that, moving him closer to the corner.


Any other other common opening can be punished with common sense or blocked. Opening tiger shot = Jump in (if you can predict it) or FADC (if you're reacting to it). Jump in = DP. Etc etc.


For anyone who managed to read this wall of text without getting bored, I would recommend not doing anything ballsy unless you're confident in your read. And also, a lot of the options were dash forward, I know. The sooner Sagat is up against a wall, the sooner you can push him out of his comfort zone (Full screen).


P.S. I find it awesome how the most active/helpful guy on this website is asking for help too.


P.P.S. Forgive me if I forgot something incredible obvious or if my answer is scrubby.


P.P.P.S. Forgive me for grammatical/spelling errors. It's kinda late xD


P.P.P.P.S. Hai




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i'd say throw a fireball and dash behind it if he jumps backward this gives you pressure advantage and a fireball war advantage if he reacts with blocking you can fireball again possibly hit low forward xx fireball. if he jumps back again keep walking forward and he should jump on the first projectile if he nuetral jumps you can dash srk him (depending on the spacing) if he jumps forward srk his bald ass if he focuses treat it the same as block throw another fireball


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