Is there such a thing as playing too much?

I've noticed recently that when I take a couple of days off from playing the game, when I return I feel a lot better and more comfortable with how I play. I usually start off every day in Training Mode for 10-15 minutes and the things I was practicing before the break are easier somehow.


In learning any skill teachers say that a break can do you a world of good. So that begs the question. In regards to SSFIV or fighting games in general, is there such a thing as playing too much?



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variety is good, my suggestion is do it in spurts, but make sure that you take a break once in a while so you don't stagnate!


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kai honby
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If you feel frustrated or that your just no playing your best SF4, just take a small break and come back when you feel ready... Your nearly 100% guaranteed to play better with a fresh mind set!


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Elliot Lamb
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i think if you do anything to much without a rest you start to over analyse what your doing which will slow your thought process down instead of being relaxed and reacting with what you should do.

also your muscle have time to relax and then the memory bit of muscle memory kicks in


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Rick Hurst
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i believe so. if i spend a lot of time playing then i end up making ill decisions for some reason. so thats when i get salty and just play cod or watch tv. then i come back in a few hours or a day later and i'm back to my tournament player self.


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