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i saw that note on kens tatsu crossup and im wondering what other shoto's can utilze this and whats the proper way of doing so i sometimes can pull it off with ryu's light tatsu but i wanna know if theres anything else he can do after that


and are there other ways of setting up the tatsu crossup mk? hk? ex? any info would be appreciated thanks



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Akuma's Tatsu crossup is a great component of high level play.  It is a knockdown tatsu like Ryu's, so its crossup potential is quite interesting.


I know the following vid is just vanilla SF4, but it still shows what people did with the Tatsu crossup game.



I know for a fact that the tatsu to c.HK crossup still works, but I'm not an Akuma player so I dont know about the rest.


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after akumas cross up tatsu you can hit a bunch of normals then cancel them into demon flip for some cool shenanigans. i like to hit the tatsu then cr.jab then another crossover tatsu to sweep or mid punch xx demon flip throw. using the sweep is a great idea to use as you get untechable knock down and you can start with more shenanigans or pressure


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Rick Hurst
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You always want to tatsu at the peak of the jump. Use lk, mk, hk depending on your range. Lk for close, hk from far. Ryu can hit confirm a super after crossup tatsu. If they block, the crossup tatsu actually has 10 frames of block stun, giving you time to walk forward and throw or start a hit confirm on them.


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Chris Edwards
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