Can Akuma combo into the Wrath of the Raging Demon?

Any vids or forum threads, or ideas!, on combos into Akumas Ultra 1?



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from experience usually comboing into the raging demon usualy makes it whiff because you cant grab after a hit stun (recoil from being hit) so they can jump out the way and punish there probably is ways to do it but i would say set'em up for it catch em at the end of a jump


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There isn't actually any way to technically cancel/link into the Wrath of the Raging Demon (Ultra 1) with Akuma.  It's akin to Zangief's Ultra 1 in that it is an Ultra with throw properties and the Super Street Fighter 4 engine doesn't allow for throws to be comboed into (generally, and especially not this one).

However, there are setups into the Ultra 1 and the Super (it has the same properties, it throw-based, so you can't combo/cancel/link into it), listed here:


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The only combo I know of (not an Akuma player) is a strange instance of Akuma vs Guy.  A crouching Guy can be comboed off of an air Gou Hadoken into Raging Demon, and to my knowledge Guy is the only character this can happen to.  By the standards of the rest of the game this shouldnt work (you cant grab someone in the middle of a hit stun), so this seems to be an exception.


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