Bison's B&B combo execution trouble

I've been having trouble getting Bison's CR LK, CR LK, CR LK, LK SCISSORS to connect into 5 hits. I see people do this all the time on streams, but when I try doing it in real matches, or even training mode, I can't seem to get it to connect. Do people "plink" to get this combo down? For something B&B, its a lot more difficult doing it than seeing it!



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There is another question on the same topic with the right answer (IMO).

Basically, the last cr.LK needs to be linked into insead of chained.  You are probably hitting the LK too fast so that the last cr.LK is chained.

When you chain the last one, the move loses its ability to be cancelled into a special move.

On a side note, it's something that David Sirlin (the man behind HDR) has an issue with (from the 14th paragraph on).


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