I Hate Dashing Left

Dashing right is awesome; it feels fluid and natural. You just lightly press the ball-top forward with your fingers. It's great.


Dashing left sucks. You have to pull the stick twice, quickly, with just the right amount of force. It doesn't feel like a natural hand movement.


Currently, I alternate between the Wineglass Grip and the Daigo Grip (which are essentially the same thing; the Wineglass has the ball-top between your ring and middle fingers; the Daigo has the ball-top between your ring and pinky fingers) and I haven't found a way to make dashing left feel as fluid and natural as dashing right does. For me, dashing right is a simple movement that uses the fingers exclusively. Dashing left is an annoying task that involves my wrist and arm more than my fingers.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not like some crippled human being that can't dash left. I just hate doing it, and it makes things like FADC Ultra (dashing left) or absorbing a cross-up with a Focus Attack and then dashing left out of it immediately way more cumbersome than I feel should be necessary.


How do YOU dash left?



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Perhaps stupid advice, but I found that by not "riding the gate" when doing the movements/not hitting the side of the square gate when dashing seems to help the execution somewhat.  Basically hold the joystick with a loose grip and go lighter on the execution.




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I don't think I have ever honestly experienced this feeling. Ever.


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i use a T.E. stick and the "Daigo grip" and heres what you wanna do: to dash forward use the bottom of your fingers and to dash back pull with your fingers and your thumb dont just use your thumb alone cos its not enough pressure. have a nice day!


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well i use the daigo way (coming from a person who use to play with a ball top like it was a batt top) and i have a really loose grip so i actually dash left by tapping the ball top with my thumb... it might be a bit slower than pulling the stick with full force but if your thumb can cope with doing it i recommend it =P


as for pad players i suggest using the middle part of the thumb but that will shred your thumb up =P


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AMEN TO THAT!!! im a d-pad player and i have the SAAAAME problem dashing in general sometimes doesnt come out even when i KNOW i pressed the buttons correctly but dashing to the left seems to be a real problem and yes it feels unnatural as does the tatsu motion (reverse hadouken) its like my thumb doesnt wanna go that way sometimes i almost have to switch up my hands position completely in order to pull it off



this makes fighting a real problem because if you get out on a certain side of the screen your essentially handicap now its not fair honestly


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