Advice on target combo play and FADC'ing moves on a D-pad

When ssf4 came out I was really excited because of the new list of characters, especially the 3rd Strike cast but I hardly use them because from what I see alot of their tactics revolve around target combos.

Target combo's like Ken's for me are simple enough but its the complex ones that give me trouble.

It's like even if I remember the buttons to pull them off its the execution part in tense situations that screws me up. This is really a problem because I want to get into using Yun and Yang when the consoles get the update.

It just seems like target combos are really a daunting task its like my mind looses focus and my fingers dont hit the right buttons.

Another type of gameplay I wish i could learn that is giving me the same trouble is FADC'ing special moves into normals.

For example, take Cody's EX Zonk Punch (BINGO) -> FADC -> Ultra 1 is is cake to me (easy) but c.LP -> c.LP -> c.MP -> Criminal Upper -> FADC -> c.LP -> c.LP -> c.LK -> MK Ruffian Kick screws me up; either I'll hit the FADC and nothing else after it or the FADC turns into just a Focus Attack. It's like my brain cant keep up and all of this is SEVERLY limiting my gameplay

If anyones has any tips on counteracting this please lemme know and oh yea I use an XBox 360 dpad 



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IMO, the XBox 360 is particularly difficult to play SSF4 on due to the general bulkiness of it, I always found the PS3 pad much better suited for playing SSF4 on.  Of course, that changed over time, and I truly believe that playing with a stick is the best option.


Now that the preaching is out of the way, let's answer both of your questions.

In regards to executing target combos, it goes without saying that you should be practicing, practicing, practicing in training mode.  You need to do it so many times it becomes second nature to you.  Your movements need to be based on reaction, not thought.

Of course, that advice is a bit broad, your specific problem with target combos is similar to others who have issues with other longer combos (or ones that FADC moves, for example).

To that end, I've always been a fan of Gooteck's approach to learning to execute combos; break them down into separate pieces and then work on chaining the pieces together.

For example, you might want to do Ibuki's j.HP -> F + MK air target combo into her s.LP -> s.MP -> s.HP target combo.  I'd break it down and practice it in these steps:
j.HP -> F + MK

  • j.HP -> F + MK -> s.LP
  • s.LP -> s.MP -> s.HP
  • j.HP -> F + MK -> s.LP -> s.MP -> s.HP

First, get the air target combo down.  Once you do that, you will have to learn to transition from that to the ground target combo.  However, getting it all in one shot is arduous, so just work on perfecting the transition from the air to the first step of the ground target combo. Once the transition is down, you can work on getting the timing down on the ground target combo.  Finally, you can link it all together, since you have all the components, the air target combo, the transition to the ground, and then the ground target combo.

This leads into the second part of your question about FADCing a combo correctly.  Using the technique above, and the example you gave with Cody, I'd break it down into the following steps:

  • c.LP -> c.LP -> c.MP -> Criminal Upper -> FADC
  • c.LP -> c.LP -> c.MP -> Criminal Upper -> FADC -> c.LP
  • c.LP -> c.LP -> c.MP -> Criminal Upper -> FADC -> c.LP -> c.LP -> c.LK -> MK Ruffian Kick

In mastering the FADC part first, it sets you up to learn to make the transition from the FADC -> cr.LP.  Most people have problems with overdashing or trying to execute a move too quickly before the dash is complete.  Because the cr.LP has such a short input time, the timing is important here (unlike ultras, which have a lot of inputs you can buffer into the dash).

I did something similar to all of tis when I was learning how to do Sagat's Tiger Uppercut -> FADC -> F + HK -> Ultra 1.  Basically, I learned how to FADC the Tiger Uppercut correctly, and then added moves onto the chain as I mastered them.

This is all applicable to whether you are on a stick or dpad.

Speaking specifically to being on a pad, I would recommend that you play around with different button configurations to allow you to maximize the efficiency of your hand movements.  However, I would recommend that you find one layout for all of your play and stick to it.  Additionally, while I'm generally not a fan, map one of the buttons (I recommend one of the bumper buttons/triggers) to Focus Attack; it's tournament-legal (at least, by Evo rules, the standard, which most follow) and will help with executing FADCs a great deal (you can also map 3xP or 3xK to a button as well, basically, button mapping is legal, macros or turbo is illegal).


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