How to beat Shotos with charge characters?

How to beat Ryu,shotos with Charge player( Honda,blanka,guile,Boxer,etc)

and how  to avoid  Shoryuken FADC Metsu (Ryu Signature move ) ?


many thanks  who  answer it. 



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Your strategy against shotos will be different depending on the charge character that you use.  For example, how you would approach a shoto with Guile is going to be very different than how you would approach shotos with Honda.  That said, here are some specific notes about the matchups.  They all assume you are looking to get around the fireball game:


Honda has to work to get in on projectile characters.  Sometimes, it can be very slow.  Honda has a few options on getting around projectiles:

  • Neutral jump HP - Honda can move forward when doing this attack.  When jumping over fireballs, you can inch closer if you perform a neutral jump (be careful when doing this close of course).
  • Super/Ultra 1 Combo - Both of these have extended invincibility on them, allowing them to go through projectiles.
  • Using jab headbutt to go through projectiles - The timing is a little strict, but it's possible to go through fireballs with the jab headbutt.


Blanka has a little bit of an easier time getting in on shotos, as the Amazon River Run (d + FP) can go under projectiles, and his EX Blanka-ball can go through projectiles.  He's also quicker than Honda, so he has a better chance of jumping over fireballs on reaction.


Boxer has a ton of options to get around/move in on projectile-throwing shotos:

  • Just like Honda, when performing a neutral jump over projectiles, he can inch forward with the neutral j.HP
  • His EX dash punches have armor, meaning that they can absorb one hit (this won't work against EX-projectiles though)
  • Turn Around Punch (TAP) has invulnerability on startup, allowing him to pass through fireballs
  • If the shoto is close enough, his Buffalo Headbutt can go through a fireball.  It has invincibility on startup, so it's a pretty useful tool all-around
  • Ultra Combo 1 goes through projectiles


Guile is different from all of the other charge characters in that he has a projectile of his own which is the best in the game (meaning it is the fastest and recovers the quickest).  With Guile, you can easily outpace any shoto that throws projectiles at you (you might have a tough time with Sagat though).

Because of this, you can approach shotos much more defensively than you would than other charge characters which do not have projectiles.


Regarding the SRK -> FADC -> Metsu SRK, it's just like avoiding other SRKs - it's more about not being predictable.  Don't jump in predictably (and it seems you might be jumping in a little late as well).

Also, as a general rule, do not try and meaty-poke Ryu after a knockdown if he has Ultra 2 loaded, it's probably the time he will get you the most with it.

The same can be said for Ryu/Ken/Sagat in general after you knock them down.  However, considering the damage of Ryu's Ultra 2 vs an SRK/Tiger Uppercut, it might be a risk worth taking depending on the match.


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Also keep in mind the difference between focus absorbing/blocking and avoiding all together.  when you block a projectile you're at a disadvantage because you're in block stun, and because they can throw another one.  When you avoid a projectile and its still on screen, all characters can't throw another projectile of the same type, but also some characters can't do a super/ultra that's a fireball.


For example if guile does a light sonic boom and you jump over it, he can't throw another one, or use sonic hurricane, the same goes for Ryu both his super and his ultra as well as chun's kikoken and u2.  This doesn't apply to Dhalsim's ultra 1 in contrast.  


I did an article over this with Balrog in mind (my main) - See link


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how to avoid ryu's shoryu fadc metsu is simple DO NOT MAKE IT EASY FOR HIM dont jump because you will be a target if that shoto knows what he's doing know how to charge in good time ever since sf2 i was always told charge for 2 seconds you dont need any more than that take guile for instance charge a sonic boom and as soon as you let the sonic boom out start to charge again (back forward punch back forward punch) as soon as the 1st sonic boom goes off screen or connects even if its blocked you can launch another 1

dont try to be flashy unless you know its gunna work soo many times i've lost matches just because i feel bad if i just hold down back but trust me it works i have a match on my youtube channel against a ryu that hopefully will help

if you ever wanna run matches on xbl my GT:SUPER HOST





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