Execution and uses of Adon's Air Flip Taunt

How do you perform Adon's Air Flip?  It doesn't perform any damage and looks like a taunt move.  I've seen people use it to jump over projectiles.  Thanks.



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Adon's first taunt is executed like any other taunt, you just have to press HP + HK at the same time.

As for using it to jump over projectiles, it has some unique properties that allow Adon to avoid a number of moves.

Here is the hitbox for the second frame of his taunt:

As indicated by the green lines, Adon is vulnerable to hits just like any other state.  What is interesting about the taunt is the 48th and 49th frames:

48th frame: 49th frame:

The 49th frame is the first frame where Adon is airborne during the taunt.  It's in this frame that his defensive hitbox changes dramatically.  His hitbox goes from being very long and vertical (as seen in the 48th frame) to very tight and compact (in the 49th frame, although he still has a large throwable hitbox).

The compact nature of his hitboxes extends to the hight of his jump, the 66th frame, which is very, very high:

So high that it can avoid some high hitting moves, like Dudley's standing HP, as demonstrated at the end of Option Select.com's Adon tutorial video:

It's also used to avoid a number of Abel's high attacks in the "SSFIV Zero Damage!" video by the Combonauts:

To emphasize just how compact Adon's hitbox is, and just how high he goes, here is an overlay of Adon at the height of his taunt on top of Sagat's High Tiger Shot:

Here, we can see that Adon clearly avoids Sagat's High Tiger shot, with plenty of room to spare.

So why not use this all the time? The major downside is the fact that the animation is so long.  Adon might avoid a projectile or a move, but he will float in the air so long that if he isn't a good distance from his opponent, he will more than likely will be punished.

One last thing to note about Adon's Air Flip Taunt, the first frame has the property of an attack in that if an opponent is close enough, it will put them into the block state during that first frame without actually having any offensive hitboxes, as shown here:

As for how practical this is, it seems highly impractical, since it would only put an opponent near you into the block state for one frame, and then you would go through the entire air flip animation.  If the opponent was indeed blocking, then that would mean they could do a move in the second frame of your animation, and they are close enough to make sure it punishes.


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casperOne ♦
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My advice, Use taunt #9.  It is extremely quick and you can pretty much do it on reaction.


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Michael Yu
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Pretty cool, man. Good use of the OS.com guide and frame data pictures :D


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Thanks Casper!


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