Successfully executing crouch-tech/throw-techs.

As far as I was always told option selects are when your crouched and you hit grab when your opponent does the same and it should tech it (hope i didnt get that wrong)


but my problem lately is that i cant tell when there gunna grab me so i mash grab while holding down back and it usually gets me hit by something


(even though i dont see my character throw out any normals while trying to mash out the grab)


another part of that would be understanding peoples approaches to throwing most people have some sort of pressure game involving normals/specials when they see you crouch+block and up untill about 4 or 5 weeks ago its been getting really hard for me to read them



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well holding down back is a definite no-no because you will always get grabbed. You have to hold on back then grab(i dunno if you have it assigned to one button or lp and lk)in order to get a tech while you block. also don't mash the grab because if you're too early you'll miss therefore the other player can punish you hard( there's quite a small window for you to tech someone).


as for reading throws...the main way that people throw is by tick throwing where people use normals(usually 2 normals because if they don't hit they'll still be in reange to grab e.g c.lpx2 but people vary i.e when i use Dudley i jump into them then when the opponent starts blocking i use a kidney punch then a c.lp before i grab keep mixing it up or he'll read you then punish you) then grab so if you see someone using two normals they're most likely gonna grab. that will usually work when someone is providing corner pressure. as for out in the open most people tend to jump then walk at you before they grab since they didn't hit the jumping normal. you'll have around 1 second to then read him and punish or special then FADC him if you have enough meter or just spam shoryuken inputs(but if you wanna play better avoid this one =P)


as for kara throwing (people using normals to get more range on a throw(i thinkXP)) i don't know how to read them but then again i don't see many people using kara throws so i wouldnt worry about it =P


hope this helps a bit =P




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Grabs + Teching is one of those subjects that will never go away on SSF4 talk.    But yes... there's a way to avoid getting thrown if you're opponent (tries) to grab you.


The correct way is to hold Down Back and hit LP+LK or  down back LP+LK+MP:


Watch this video... These are 2 of Japans Best players ... pay attention to their inputs when close up.



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Actually you can tech throws while you're crouching (thus the term crouch teching). However you'll find the timing is a bit more tricking when executing a throw tech crouching because you have to delay the button presses ever so slightly more than you would if you were standing (thus why it's commonly referred to as delayed crouch tech'ing).

Anything else you might want to know about crouch teching can be found here


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