How do I find a character's cross-up?

I have been playing as Cody lately just to learn a new character and his J. mp seems like sometimes it is a cross-up. It might be that people online just don't block like they should. So I was wondering how do I test if a move is a cross-up?

Edit on this:


I jump in front of them and seem to hit behind. Is that possible??



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Andy Daniels
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As Rookie stated, a cross-up is when you can jump over an opponent and hit them when you are behind them.  However, there is room for elaboration here, in that we can define with great accuracy what "behind them" is, as well as what it takes to hit someone from behind.  We can do this because of the hitbox data that is available for Super Street Fighter 4.

Let's take a look at the hitbox data for Ryu while he is standing (which is the position he would be in while he is being crossed up).  In particular, notice the little yellow box in between his feet (highlighted here in light blue):

This box is what indicates the center-line for the character.  This line is formed by drawing a line perpendicular to the floor straight up, like so (again, highlighted in light blue):

Now if another character's center line crosses this line (by say, jumping over them), then they will cause the character to turn around.  Citing your question, here is what it looks like using Cody's j.MP:

Notice here that while Cody's center line does pass Ryu's center line, his offensive hitbox for the j.MP (indicated by the red box) doesn't extend behind his own center line.  This is typically (I will explain why I say typically later on) the indicator that is used for determining what can cross up.  In the above case, the hitbox on Cody's j.MP does not extend back behind his center line, which means it certainly can't extend behind Ryu's center line.

That said, you want to find moves where the hitbox extends behind his center line on his jumping attack.  For Cody, the only attack that satisfies that condition is his j.MK:

The hitbox obviously extends behind his center line here.  The final piece of executing a successful cross-up is making sure that hitbox extends beyond your opponent's center line as well.  Let's use Ryu again as an example, this is what a successful cross up would look like:

A few things to note from the image above:

  • Cody's center line is past Ryu's center line
  • Cody's offensive hitbox (in red) extends beyond Ryu's center line
  • Cody's offensive hitbox overlaps Ryu's vulnerable hitbox (in green, it's difficult to tell but you can make it out in the very first image above).  This is important, if the hitbox doesn't overlap your opponent's vulnerable hitbox, you aren't actually hitting them.

Something to consider when actually trying to figure out what constitutes a cross-up is that it doesn't necessarily have to be a jumping attack.  It could be anything that projects a hitbox behind your character's center line as well as in front of your opponent's center line.  Some examples include, but are not limited to - projectiles:

(the timing on the above is very tricky, but possible).

Or things that launch the character forward, like Dictator's Psycho Crusher (Ryu omitted for clarity):

(note: the hitbox on Dictator's Psycho Crusher was improved in Super Street Fighter 4 with the explicit intent of making it easier to cross up with).

In the end, there are a number of moves (and each character has at least one cross-up move) that are available for cross-ups.  Using the criteria mentioned above, it should be easy to find them.

Now, there is the statement that the hitbox extending behind the center line is typically the indicator for what allows for a cross-up.  There is this video on YouTube of Sagat crossing up opponents in Super Street Fighter 4:

This seems to be an anomaly, given the offensive hitbox for Sagat's j.HK:

I can think of only two explainations here:

  • The projectile invulnerable hitboxes (indicated in the red outlines) have something to do with cross-up potential (however, I believe this to be highly unlikely)
  • The settings for the training dummy were set to not block, and it only looks like a cross-up.  I am more inclined to believe this.


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casperOne ♦
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So I'm a tad bit confused on what you're getting at by noting Cody's center line. I thought the only thing that mattered was that the red hit box was on both sides of the main characters center line (or rather, that the hit box would clip the hittable box of Ryu on a location that's to the right side of his center line)


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if you can jump over some1 and attack and it connects while your behind em thats a cross up but not all crossups work all of the time spacing means alot but go into training and test out different moves with different spacing find what you like and work it into your gameplay but to answer the ? yes it sounds like a crossup


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Casper One's reply is very good, but I just want you to know, if you venture outside of Cody, not all characters have Crossups that are usable (Balrog). - James May 28 '11 @ 4:41

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