Linking Rufus' cl.LK ~ cl.HP - can it be p-linked?

I am getting some troubles linking cl.LK ~ cl.HP (a combo wich kindevu, Justin Wong and Marn uses a lot). Can I p-link it? If yes, how and which buttoms have priority?



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Yes, Rufus' cl.LK ~ cl.HP can be linked (it's a one-frame link, BTW).  In order to p-link it, you would tap the HP and MP buttons, with the MP coming just after the HP.  Assuming you are in training mode, and you do it correctly, your inputs will look like this (top being the last set of inputs):

Because you are trying to link into a HP/HK, you can use triple p-linking to improve your chances.  By triple p-linking, instead of just rapping the HP and MP in succession, you would tap HP, MP, LP in quick succession.  Again, in training mode, you would more than likely see this:

That said, there are a few other things that should be mentioned about Rufus' cl.LK ~ cl.HP link:

Followup Options

The only followup that Rufus has after the cl.HP is the EX Galactic Tornado.  If you don't have at least one bar of EX/Super meter, then you won't be able to follow up after the p-link.


If you are forced into using the LP as the first part of the combo you are landing, then by all means, use it, but always follow up with the cl.HP and EX Galactic Tornado.  Do not try to link to cl.LK into the cl.HP; damage and stun scaling render it ineffective.

Additionally, if you find your opponent in the corner, and you have Ultra I loaded, then you can tack that on after the EX Galactic Tornado for additional damage.

Here is a table with various options, including two cl.LK ~ cl.HP combos:

Combo Stun Damage Damage ending with Max Ultra 1 in corner
cr.MP -> EX Galactic Tornado 200 210 535
cl.HP -> EX Galactic Tornado 300 230 555
cl.LK ~ cl.HP -> EX Galactic Tornado 330 234 512
cl.LK ~ cl.LK ~ cl.HP -> EX Galactic Tornado 330 231 461

If your execution is such that you can't consistently land the link, then the cl.HP -> EX Galactic Tornado will do just fine (assuming the option is available to you); if you have the chance to connect with Ultra 1 afterwards, you do the most damage, and the stun and damage come in very close to the combos that deliver the most stun/damage (a difference of 30 stun and 4 damage).

Of course, you should strive to be able to execute the link whenever, just be aware of when to use it.  If you are just starting a match/round and your opponent has a decent amount of health, you might want to lean towards the links; if you stun, you will get a free combo which means much more damage than what you would have done if you hadn't stunned your opponent.

On the other hand, if you are late in a round and your opponent has low health, the priority is getting the damage out to finish the match, not the stun (chances are his stun tolerance has increased if he has been stunned already).


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Thanks for your answer! It was really useful. But I have one more question about this topic.

You said: "If you are forced into using the LP as the first part of the combo you are landing, then by all means, use it, but always follow up with the cl.HP and EX Galactic Tornado."


Why can't I follow up with cl.HP and HP's Galactic Tornado?

Actually, i know I can, but why I shouldn't?


Thanks anyway. =)



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