need help with counter for ryu/akuma against adon/chun-li

 hi i main akuma and ryu


i keep walking into chun li overhead kick on knockdown and adon jaguar tooth. what are my options to counter? because when i block they block-string or grab me, and when i reversel dp they block and counter HARD. any help would be much apreciated.

does anyone now of a site where there is a list of ryu counter options again every characters specials?



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You can't punish either of those attacks on block.


For Jag tooth, though, playing as Ryu, do a lp dragon punch AS SOON as you see Adon jump towards the back wall. If he did lk version to bait you, the recovery is quick enough that he can't punish you. You'll be safe. If he did a version that will hit you, lp dp will beat him or at worst, trade. If you see EX flash as he jumps toward the back wall, you know he's not baiting and can just mp dp. If you're forced to block it, he is safe, but at disadvantage. This means if you time your jab right, the only thing he can beat you with is his dp. If you're getting thrown, or hit by his jab, you're timing it wrong. It's really just a guessing game whether he'll throw, dp, or block.


Vs. that Chun attack(i don't know the name either), she's safe, too, but unless it's timed and spaced extremely well, it's pretty easy to auto correct dp it. For that, I'll refer you to John Choi's article...cuz he explains it really well.


As far as your demon flip issue, I don't really play akuma, but I know jumping at him like that is a good counter to random demon flips. What you want to do instead is throw a fireball, preferably the shaku, and demon flip just before they block it. This forces them to block your palm because they're in block stun from the shaku. Or use the demon flip on their wakeup...then they're forced to block or reversal.


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im having problems with it on block, i know i can counter the move while he still in the air. but when i block jaguar tooth and want to counter even a simple crouch lp gets blocked, if i hold block they grab or sometimes try rising jaguer and then when they land i can combo. but  i was wonderign i there was something that i could do after i blocked the move and start up my own combo while tey are still in recovery animation.


with chun li its the down-toward hard kick move i have problems with. its an overhead and she jump to the other side with her leg extended. my friends keeps doing this an knockdown and while i know its coming all i can do is block and backdash away.. while i read the move and have time to react to it i cant seem to punish him with my own combo.


also with akuma i use demon flip (punch) a lot, since i see a lot of pros using it as a good way to get in with akuma, but when my opponent starts jumping towards me he tends to hit me before i can get my palm out, since the demon palm only comes out when i covered half the distance to my opponent.

i have a more defensive playstyle while i wait for mistakes that leave my opponent open, then i like to combo. on knockddown i like to rush down with crossups followed my safe blockstings if they block.

thx for your help..


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Its interesting to see that you are having problems with Adon's Jaguar Tooth.  It's considered Adon's weakpoint as it leaves him wide open to an array of moves, from just a simple SRK to Ryu's U2.  Also, by "overhead kick" with Chun-Li I assume you mean her Stomp (d.MK in air).


It sounds like you use SRK quite a bit, but if you want to look at a character-by-character rundown for Ryu and Akuma, check out's character specific section for SSF4.  I can't really give you any advice without knowing your specific playstyle with Ryu or Akuma.


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