Ryu's & Claw/Vega's Wall Dive - What are Ryu's counters/punishes/options?

I've been particularly frustrated lately when playing against Claw/Vega players that spam the wall dive.  I find myself in the following situations or trying the following counters:

Air-to-Air from Full Screen Distance

In this situation, I usually try to jump back with a j.HK.  I haven't found any good indicators for the timing of the jump or the attack, and have < 50% success rate with this.

As indicated, there could be two issues, the first is the timing, I could be jumping at the wrong time.  I do find myself going into the air the moment I notice him going to the wall.  Perhaps I need to time the jump a little later?

Also, perhaps something other than j.HK is needed.  The hitbox for the j.HK is pretty low, while Claw/Vega's hitbox very wide.

My thought here is that perhaps I need to use a neutral jump attack, as they tend to have higher hitboxes.  Also, it would impact the timing, since there is no backward movement now and Vega/Claw would be closer to Ryu if I neutral jumped the same time I jumped back.

Ground-to-Air from Full Screen

I've had the most success against this.  If I catch it early enough, and Claw has committed to the grab/slash, then a HP SRK will typically take him out.  Of course, the problem with this that it's so high risk.  If Claw/Vega holds back, then Ryu is left open to punishment coming down from the SRK.

As Ryu, I could always wait until Claw/Vega gets closer and use the LP SRK in an attempt to counter.  If Claw/Vega doesn't commit, great, he's too far away to punish the landing.  However, if he commits and goes behind Ryu, then he can be punished on the whiff.

Wall Dive from Close Range

I felt that this deserved it's own section because of the effect of the blockstun when Claw/Vega does the wall dive early.  The blockstun from the hit on Claw on the way to the wall obviously changes the timing of when I can either jump or SRK.

Focus Attacks as a Possible Answer?

Since the wall dive slash is not armor breaking, I find that I can Focus Attack and then backdash out of the way if Claw/Vega goes for the slash, but there aren't many options here if he goes for the grab.




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Trust me when I say that I feel your frustration! LOL


Ok I always try the backjump HK but it hardly works.


I found that depending on the timing you can just hold down and hit HP (Ryu's simple Anti-Air) when Claw is coming down.  Just make sure you pay attention to the timing of the Claw user.  I'd say it's pretty safe to push HP when Claw is about half way down from the air.


Focusing also works, but you can't let the opponent know you're doing this.  Vega has the option of punishing or grabbing, so if you Focus early you'll get grabbed.   So it's very important that you Focus a little late and release early.


To be honest, your question has a huge situational answer...  but to be safe I'll either do the 1st or the 2nd explanations.   I have also found that when I see claw begin his wall dive, I will Focus attack and dash out quickly back, then get ready to down HP (anti-air).   Any good Vega player will adapt to anytyhing you do.. so just mix it up.


Good luck


dfw jay


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