Sakura's toughest matchups? Easiest?

I, for one, don't follow tiers, but I will acknowledge that they exist. Sakura's spread is mostly 4's not in her favor, and a few 5's, and her only 6-4 matchups are against Dan, Hakan, and Makoto. That said, I was wondering what some other Sakura players felt were her easiest and hardest matchups. I feel that her toughest matchups (for me) are:

-Blanka: Sakura has almost no answer for Vertical Blanka Balls, and electricity puts a damper on her resets and crossups.

-Chun-Li: Sakura CAN NOT easily win in a footies war with Chun, making it a bit hard to close in on her. Patience is a big part of this matchup.

Her easiest matchups (again, this is only my opinion, based off my own experiences) would be:

-Vega (Claw): Poor wakeup game, and Sakura's c.HP is a Vega's worst nightmare.

-Balrog (Boxer): Her Tatsu flies over most his dash punches, breaks the armor, and is also very safe on block. Punish sweep-happy Balrogs with a well spaced s.HK right to the face.

Sakura mirror matches are also fun.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?



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Shippu Cakes
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I do not play Sakura all to often but i believe Honda deserves a spot as one of her hardest matchups because of his massive damage and spectacular defense. Also, i main Cody and Sakura is one of my worst matchups because she can abuse his lack of reliable wakeup options.


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Honda is an okay fight as long as you keep the pressure on him. Also, crossing him up makes him lose his charge. That said, once he's got some momentum, he's a force, so I'll agree that Honda is a tough match for Sakura.


As for Cody, I have a friend who also mains Cody, and you're right. A Cody with little to no meter means no wakeup game. But Overzealous jump ins and off-timed tatsu eats that Zonk Knuckle. Cody can also stun Sakura pretty quickly and does MASSIVE damage in the process.


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Shippu Cakes
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