EX Legs on PS3 Controller.......

Can it be done, if so, how fast must u input the EX Legs after cr.lk, cr.lk?



created Dec 17 '10 @ 6:06 by:

Kim Sanders
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Any variant of Lightning Legs comes out on the 5th input. For example, if you pressed lk, lk, lk, lk, hk, the HK version will come out. No matter how fast you mash the buttons, the 5th registered input will activate the move. Even if you press two or three kicks, it'll still register as one input. In your case, you already have two kicks in, so you just need three more, with the last one being two at the same time. I suggest using HK, as it won't link, and it's a longer frame animation than lk, so it won't come out at all, but still count. Your input should look like this:


lk, hk, lk, hk, Kx2


Hope this helps. 


created Dec 17 '10 @ 19:00 by:

Shippu Cakes
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it worked like a charm thanks dude - Kim Sanders Dec 18 '10 @ 4:34

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