Stick vs. Pad

Which is easier and is there an advantage of either of the two?



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I'm almost certain that anywhere else you see or hear this question asked, you'll get just about the same answer: Preference. It's all about what you as a player are more comfortable with. Each player has their own pros and cons when it comes to the subject. I for for instance, grew up playing pad, and it's the most comfortable for me. However, stick is actually more user friendly, and you don't get blisters as easily (I practice around 7 hours every other day.). Also, if you're playing on the 360, the controller is terrible for fighting games. To be honest, controllers weren't designed for fighting games to begin with. On a stick, the buttons are mapped out on a flat surface in front of you, so you're not contorting your hand to execute specials, supers, etc. You can also take advantage of some of the game's exploits like plinking, sliding, double tapping, etc. 


Your question is which is easier, and I personally feel that a pad is easier, even though I'm a stick player. But that shouldn't suggest that it's got the advantage. Dedicate time to trying both until you've found what you're comfortable with. 


I hope this helps.




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It really is up to your preference. I bought a stick with my copy of SF4 and started from there, so I didn't have to re-learn anything making it a bit easier to get used to. The way I see it if your just starting out and are interested in sticks try the Mad Catz SE stick it should be about 60 bucks which isn't too expensive. But if you have been using a pad for a while and are content with your performance I would stick with it.(no pun intended)  Mad Catz also makes fight pads so you don't have to use your traditional Xbox or PS3 pad.


One more thing Vesper Arcade did a nice video comparing the pros and cons of sticks and pads.



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